Sunday, 6 March 2011

rain drops are falling on my head

spring is in the air! although last night we had a freak hit of snow, i have still been thinking about the preppy accessories i want to be wearing this spring. the hunter's are already a staple of mine (i have two pair already) but it is my intention to build up a sort of collection. they are so practical and the colour range they come in is so fun. the green is perfect and goes with everything, every season. stripes are also so fun and fresh and its nice to see that with a hint of floral after a long winter. also who can't wait to wear something a little lighter on their backs? cargo is big right now and i can't wait to get my hands on that h&m jacket. enjoy!

1. stripe bag asos $62
2. cargo jacket h&m £30
3. striped wellies joules £35
4. floral umbrealla cath kidston £28
5. green hunter wellies $127
6. khaki barbour jacket £199

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