Wednesday, 29 February 2012

long days of travel

hotel room that saved our life
on monday i travelled back to school with my sister and her boyfriend after a week spent at home. to say the least it was the most adventure i had ever had on a layover (nine hours at miami airport) and here are a few things that we did. 

  • we waited in several irrelevant lines
  • to pass the time we laughed at funny people including a women checking in her french bulldog with little coverage over her breasts and a platinum card member ranting about the lack of customer service for people who are as fancy as he is
  • we brushed up on our spanish 
  • we were so tired we checked into the airport hotel for 5 hours just to sleep in a bed (best money spent)
  • we watched cheaters before we fell asleep. i forgot how hilarious that show is
  • we ate at chili's not once but twice and consumed copious amounts of fajitas and burger bites
  • i contemplated buying uggs to save my poor sore feet
  • we walked an estimated 1200 miles 
all in all many memories were made xoxo 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

hit the snooze

i am back.
it has been the longest journey but i am here in one piece and trying (so desperately) to get back into the swing of things. i have lots of work to keep me busy over the next few weeks (5 weeks left of my university undergrad!!) but i also have a lot of exciting things happening that i will be posting soon. for now however i am hitting the snooze button, catching up on hours of missed sleep and setting my crockpot on low to cook my lentil soup for dinner later on. 
i cannot wait to update you all on my trip home xox

Thursday, 23 February 2012

i love hollywood

i love hollywood

if i was ever to grace the red carpet i imagine i would be wearing something demure and ethereal. over at friday's fancies we are all dreaming up outfits that we would wear if we were nominees for this sunday's oscars. don't forget to check them out! 

a good read

i stumbled across this fab read while researching fashion week happenings. this article about the 50 most stylish new yorkers. enjoy xoxo

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


top: french connection. skirt: zara. shades: ray-ban. bangles: forever21

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

on my radar

model cintia dicker....have you seen those bebe ads?

a clarisonic. i hear they are amazing

cobalt blue jeans. pretty pants are all over the runway this season

thick eyebrows are back and they are here to stay

bold floral prints. floral never fails for spring

head to toe denim. 

pastel nail polish.  i love this aqua
its that time of year again to be dreaming about the upcoming spring season. these are a few of the things on my radar. 

Monday, 20 February 2012



since i have been home i have noticed a couple things.
my closet is simply a mess.
i keep my summer wardrobe at home and my winter one at school and so i struggle to keep my summer clothes organized and updated often. this spring and summer however i have a few ideas of what i would like to stock my closet with. 
1. tops and shorts
2. soft prints and simple solids
3. comfortable fabrics
it is tempting to start now however it is still february 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

i am happy. i am home

hey all! i am here i am home. it has been an incredible last couple of days. when i am home i like to close my laptop and just detox from my internet addiction and enjoy these strange creatures called humans. it so lovely just being with my family and relaxing. christmas is super busy with party after family lunch so this week will be dedicated to doing one thing and that is nothing. during the last few days of nothing we beached (am a tad rouge today) and last night boyfriend and i enjoyed a little valentine's date at a favourite restaurant of ours. now i am relaxing at home after my sister's 13th birthday brunch, babysitting my favourite little boy. hopefully we will squeeze in a little afternoon dip or cheeky drink later on. 
have a wonderful weekend xoxo

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

i am coming home

today i tied up all my loose ends at school and headed to the city so i can catch an early flight home tomorrow. i know it has not been that long since i was there over christmas but i have missed my family so much it is going to be so nice just to relax (ideally it will look something like above) and enjoy long warm days at home. also there is a special someone else i am excited to see to celebrate a postponed valentine date. 
happy hump day

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

happy day of love

oh a day dedicated to love. who could ask for anything more really? i know there are some cynics out there but just put a smile on your face, have a few cinnamon hearts (my valentine fave) and be cheery. 
today, because my valentine is a tad far away, i will be celebrating with my girls for a pink and red themed lunch. then home for a valentine skype romantic right?
spread the love xoxo
p.s i am blogging over at love design today about all the things that make me happy.
go and have a peek....

Monday, 13 February 2012

we just had a weekend

this weekend went by in a flash but soooo much happened so i am summing it all up for ya!

1. friday was my roomies birthday and our good friend from grade school came to visit. reunited.

2. it is NYFW and i have been constantly scooping out blogs and to see all the latest collections. and as usual the street style is just as happening as the looks on the runway. designers i am loving thus far: derek lam, v. beckham, dvf, doo.ri, prabal gurung and tibi. i am seeing a lot of oriental prints, crimson red and faux black fur!

3. legend whitney houston passed away this weekend and i have been replaying this song over and over. i remember dancing around my living room to this song when i was about six, along with water from the moon by celine dion, with a wooden spoon as a mic and a scrunchy in my hair. such a loss.

4. the absolute best dressed celebrity at the grammy's had to be adele. i could not be more in love with this classic look. anyone who knows me knows i am a sucker for all black. she looks delicious. also have you ever heard adele in an interview? she is just the most down to earth and hilarious personality. i suggest you check them out.

it is the last week before home time....i am full speed ahead to get all my papers/midterms/readings done so i can thoroughly enjoy doing nothing for a ten days.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

valentine's day: street style

valentine's day: street style

if i was caught on cam for a street style blog on v-day i wouldn't mind being stopped in this. classic. chic. simple. with a touch of valentine's flare.

this week on friday's fancies we are getting ready for the impending romantic holiday.
valentine's is nearing and we are all over our date looks. seeing as i will studying for a dreaded midterm instead of dining somewhere fantastical, i will continue to fantasize over being caught on cam by the sartorialist or street peeper
happy friday lovelies 


sweater, leggings, legwarmers: h&m. cape: winners. bag: zara. beanie: tna.  booties: aldo

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

so i know this cute little man

this little man has been featured so many times over here on the ruffled lace but he has such an amazing character and personality that he is just so fun to have photo shoots with. his mum was so good to let me steal him for this little adventure. 
cannot wait to see him so soon
he can almost get my name out....almost

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

a pink premonition

a pink premonition

i predict a very pink spring this year. on my list of things to purchase are some jeans perhaps.

cupid cupcakes

valentines day is nearing and i am getting into the holiday spirit as i do with most seasonal events. this year i will not be with my valentine so we have decided to celebrate when i go home (in 9 days but who is counting). however i shall not be a debbie downer and i plan on embracing this romantic day regardless. firstly i think i will have to bake (or find someone to bake) these sweet little cupcakes from bakerella. i also plan to wash them down with a large glass of sauvignon blanc.  
who is with me? 

Monday, 6 February 2012

keep hitting repeat

songs of the moment that get me through weeks of studying

1. Princess of China- Coldplay ft. Rihanna
2. Born to Die- Lana del Rey
3. Ground Shake- Dirty Radio
4. She Doesn't Mind- Sean Paul
5. Young Wild and Free- Wiz Khalifa
6. Video Games- Lana del Rey

happy studying/working/playing lovelies xox

Friday, 3 February 2012

dream makeup bag: the face

dream makeup bag: the face

i used to hate going into sephora. seriously. makeup to me was so overwhelming. they have so many options out there how is any sane person suppose to decide on what to invest (yes makeup is an expensive investment) in? drugstore vs. department? angle brush or blush brush? is a $25 eyeliner really worth it?
so i decided over the last two years or so that i want to educate myself and try to become somewhat of a makeup connoisseur. i like to invest in good quality products. so i made up a sort of dream makeup post. this will be the first one of the set and evidently it is the face. i did some research and these are items i would really love to try. 
what do you all like? any recommendations?
also one of my most favourite past times is to watch this lady on youtube!
she is fabulous xoxo

Thursday, 2 February 2012

spring forward

spring forward

this is my dream list for spring! ahhh i know it is february but it is going to be 4 degrees tomorrow so that is almost spring weather...isn't it? to be quite honest this whole look started with the bag which i already have (a christmas pressie that i love). i have been mentally making outfits for it in my head since i got it. 

do not forget to head over to long distance loving to see more friday's fancies to see what other lovely ladies are hoping for this spring.

happy weekend all xoxo

two week countdown

two weeks today i will be home hopefully lying on this specific beach, which is the yacht club my favourite place to hang out when i am home. 
i can just see it now
it looks a lot better than my early christian art study notes 

pretty interiors

doesn't white furniture just make you feel so calm and happy?