Wednesday, 30 November 2011

happy birthday little rock of mine

today is the birthday of my tiny little home barbados. if i was home today we would be celebrating by spending a nice long day at the beach, eating food and drinking. 
today instead i will be singing all my favourite childhood songs about this sweet place.

....god bless bim on independence day....

....i say b...i say
(we used to sing these ones in the hall at my old school...oh the memories)

feeling very proud today and here few things i love about my home.

rihanna of course (this music video shows tons of clips from home)

our food (this is macaroni pie and it is ten times better than mac and cheese)

our crop over festival 

the beaches (and my friends)

happy independence day barbados xoxox

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

oh christmas tree

me n santa

this past weekend i got together with my favourite soon to be wedded couple to be and decorated their little christmas tree. the most entertaining part of course was little yogi posing for pictures and chasing ornament cases around the apartment. 

Monday, 28 November 2011


do you ever have those days when you feel so emotionally drained you just want to come home and stuff your face with carbs? if it wasn't exam/final paper period i might be stuffing my face with a bottle of sauvignon blanc, but seeing as i have to continue working i will just stick to the starches. 

did anyone else have a crummy monday? 

once upon a ballerina

melissa gibbs and i went to the same high school way back when and today she is a talented freelance photographer living in london. i stumbled upon some of her work the other day and i had to feature my favourite pictures from her most recent shoot. having once worn a pair of satin slippers myself, i felt so nostalgic looking at these photographs. but i think what caught my eye first were this lovely ladies feet and turn out....could she be more perfect? 

hope you all had a fabulous weekend and stay tuned as i have some exciting news for everyone later this week! 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

black friday budget buys

Untitled #20

MTWTFSS Weekday black t shirt, €20, Aster Plain Stripe Suspender Tights - leggings & hoisery - missguided, £6.99, Boots, $45, Akira Black Label beaded clutch, $35, ASOS metal bangle, $18, Cat eye sunglasses, $11, FLIRT! BIG FLIRT, Thickening Mascara, $14, Revlon Crayon Yeux Eye Liner Pencil N°1 Black, €9,40
this black friday let's think frugal! all of my pieces today are under 50 dollars (i mean look at those shades). head over to long distance loving to check out tons more black friday inspired outfit boards. i will not be shopping this black friday but i will be online window shopping, something i try to make time for before i venture out on any shopping excursion. so hopefully i will be prepared for next weeks shopping outing!
happy friday xoxo

happy american turkey day

happy american turkey day

happy happy american thanksgiving! hope you all have a fab holiday and wear something festive xoxo

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

snip snaps

my new little elephant teapot

best house mates picked this up for me on a supermarket sweet

home before the cold came and blew all the colour away

til next fall
some of may fave pic from the last few weeks. the teapot will be host to all the warm teas i will consuming this winter. the calendar is a reminder that there are only 9 school days left, that means the end of the year is approaching and i will need to be putting up my new calendar very soon. the trees are from before winter came. i will look at these with fond memories when it is -20 outside in January. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

are you looking to laugh a little

here are a few youtube movies that always put a smile on my face. since i am officially done my big presentation i have a moment to breath a sigh of relief and enjoy some youtube favourites. 

Monday, 21 November 2011

baby its cold outside

sweater, shorts h&m, snood mendocino, socks topshop, boots hunters

this was officially the last day i could go bare legged in this country. it's about 4 degree now so got to do stocking underneath from today onwards. 
hope everyone has a fab monday xoxo

Sunday, 20 November 2011

christmas has officially started

today not only marks the day when i have to finish my paper on greek mythology (wahooo), but it is officially the first day of the christmas season! in toronto today is the santa claus parade which means my favourite radio station will begin playing all christmas music all day every day until december 26th. i am too excited for words to even if it would only get a little colder.....hmmmmmm 
when do you start your christmas season?

Friday, 18 November 2011

food for thought

"don't try to look like someone else. style is about being unique".

and it is beginning to look a lot like...

yesterday we saw the first set of flurries for the season. i was the happiest girl ever. 

Thursday, 17 November 2011

mix it up

mix it up

this week over at long distance loving we are mixing it up! i love pattern and i love colour so this was not a challenge in the slightest because all i needed to do was go with my instinct. this look started out with the shoes. those jimmy choos are my dream shoes i adore them. i think you always need one piece to grow from when you are styling.
hope you all have a fantastic weekend and don't forget friday's are suppose to be fancy!

the holy grail of make-up products

i love make-up as much as the next lady (maybe a tad more) and it has taken me years of testing and trying products to find some of my fave essentials. but instead of spending money on items you don't like it is always important to consult a professional before dropping $30 on a lipstick for example! so i sought out my friend kia, a professional make-up artist who studied in toronto and is now working back home. her make-up is always perfect (i swear she paints on her red lipstick) so i thought i would let her give you guys some of her must have items! 

Hello Ladies! So Miss Ally asked me to do her a favour, and give you my top ten makeup tips and tools!  These are a few of my all time favourites and I use them just about everyday! Most as you will see are MAC products, and I am hopefully starting my own blog very soon to keep all girls in the loop of everything makeup and hair! Enjoy ladies!
1)      Number one thing I need almost everyday of life is my Tinted Moisturizer. I use this under my foundation, along with some powder, or if i’m in a rush and need something to quickly freshen my whole look! Most top companies make them, but I use the MAC’s Studio Moisture Tint. It contains SPF which is good for the protection of the skin, and in Barbados, you know we need that!
2)      Without a doubt, blush is a must. Some people call it old fashioned, but the only thing about blush that is old fashioned is the placement of it on the face. Blush brightens the face, gives it shape, and colour when you need it and where you needs it most. Corals and peachy tones are the colors I prefer, but Pink and Rouge are lovely colours on people of darker complexions. My favourite pick is MAC Peaches/Melba!
3)      When I think of lips, I think colour colour colour! Often, women are scared of colour on the lips because perhaps of their certain lip shape whether their lips be small or big. Here's the thing. God gave you lips and he gave you YOUR lips! ENHANCE THEM! I love love love MAC’s Amplified colours such as Girl About Town, Up The Amp, and Vegas Volt. These are among my favourites! So ladies, get in the store, try on some colours, and pump those lips up for this wild winter!
4)      Concealer is another item I cannot live without. I have bad dark circles under my eyes, and concealer has been a dream come true when I have been out partying, had to much to drink, and having something to do the following day. Concealer under the eyes should be about 1-3 shades lighter than you foundation, as you want it to brighten the eye. I like MAC Prolong concealer for everyday wear. After applying concealer in your eye socket, and blending it out into your foundation, you will see how fresh, awake and amazing you look! 
5)      Let's talk a little bit about eyebrows.  Eyebrows are the main factor in the face that help frame the face.  Most people are scared to fill in eyebrows because they may end up being to dark, or a wonky shape. In my opinion I prefer to use powder (eyeshadow) with a small angled brush to do my brows. The powder gives a more natural look, is alot more easier to control the dispense of colour, and a hell of alot easier to fix when you have made a mistake. The brush I love love love for my eyebrows is MAC’s #266. It’s a small angled brush and once you’ve had a bit of practice, becomes brow-lover’s new best friends!
6)      Liner. Liner is and has always been tricky for those not used to wearing it. I have a few favourites when it comes to my liner. I love that clean, slick, jetblack line on my eyelid. I love the 50’s. Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, this type of liner is my all-time fav. The ones I love the most are Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner in Blackest Black, and MAC’s Blactrack Fluidline. These are both gel based liners, and come in tiny pots and various colors. Using a thing brush or the #266 mentioned above, achieving that stylish Marilyn Monroe look is as easy as 1-2-3. For my waterline (where we have been putting pencilled liner on since we knew what the heck it was!) I love Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencil liner in Zero. If you are a MAC fanatic like me, I also love MAC’s Smoulder.
7)      Another must for me, is an eyeshadow base. Not many people know/use eyeshadow bases. But my favourite base is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.  This is a lightweight base, and it allows your eyeshadow to stay on for longer period of time without fading or falling off of the eye! Great for nights out when you don’t want to worry about you makeup!
8)      Mascara = Kia’s bestestestestest friend.  I tend to switch up my mascaras alot. I have very sparse eyelashes that I am not proud of! But currently im addicted to MAC’s Haute & Naughty. It’s a dual mascara, and if you search it you’ll see why. Worth every cent!
9)      I’m  going to talk a bit on my favourite hot tools, this is because everytime you do your makeup, you do your hair. I have a few favourites that I use on myself and my clients. Right now, I am falling in love with my Amika flat iron. I used to be a CHI girl. But I have to say, my Amika is serving me very well! For curling irons, I love the Babyliss brand. These are for curling irons with clamps. Right now curling wands are extremely popular. These don’t have clamps and are a bit harder to use, especially on yourself. But I have adapted, and I love this curling wand.
10)   And last but not least, to finish off your makeup look, I use MAC’s Fix + , this is a hydrating stay that sets all makeup and gives that powdery look a fresh feel. It’s awesome for people with dry skin and can be used by it self, under, and over your look. This is a must for your makeup kit.
Well ladies! That’s all I have for you all today! I hope you all enjoyed and are well informed of a few products you may not have known about before this post! I hope to see you all following my makeup blog as soon as it is up and running! Thanks again to Miss Ally! Thoroughly enjoyed sharing my input! Take care, keep healthly, stay beautiful.
Kia xoxo