Wednesday, 18 July 2012

seeing stripes

i was looking through my recent pins and came to the conclusion that i was seeing stripes. lots of stripes. recent striped purchases to come later this week.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

feeling a little like lana

so i have said before i am just slightly obsessed with miss del rey. so you can imagine my reaction when i saw this headpiece in h&m a little while back. i have nowhere to wear it but i sure am fond of it.


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

french pharmacie haul

when i was in paris i knew i wanted to pick up a few french beauty products. after watching this video i was itching to try a few of the items. i decided on these and so far so good....

mini review:

  • bioderma crealine: this makeup remover water solution is insanely famous in the beauty world. it is considered the most effective gentle makeup remover on the market and lusted over by several celebrity makeup artists. i have been using face wipes in combination with clinique take off the day makeup remover forever and i was looking for an oil free alternative and so far this h20 non rinse solution is living up to the hype. 
  • la roche posay effaclar mat: this pore minimizing moisturizer is divine. unlike many daily moisturizers it does not leave your skin feeling greasy but rather matte and smooth. also the smell is light and flowery which makes applying it even more of a treat. 
  • caudalie beauty elixir: boy are people talking about this toner! ever since it was revealed to be one of victoria beckham's beauty secrets, responsible for giving her that effortless red carpet glow, beauty guru's cannot stop raving about it. the scent is minty and fresh and i love a few spritzes of it after i have powdered my face.
  • bioderma hydrabio legere: while using this product i felt a little guilty because i felt like i was cheating on my clinique dramatically different moisturizer. but as it turns out i am not ditching my clinique for the bioderma. actually i am not a fan of it at all really. although it is super hydrating for my dry cheeks, it leaves a sticky film on my skin. i probably will not repurchase, however if you need a super nourishing cream every so often, especially for hyper sensitive dry skin, this is a safe bet. 
au revoir mes belles xoxo

Monday, 9 July 2012

hi there computer

getting lost in paris

the sweetest bon voyage card 

making wishes

coming back from england

hi there lovelies. i thought i would do a little update for you all on what i have been doing for the last few weeks that has kept me from my computer...

i came home a couple weeks ago from london and it has been wonderfully quiet ever since. the jet lag has me on the most blissful sleep schedule (falling asleep at approximately 9:30pm after a chapter or two of 50 shades of grey) and i am soaking up all the sun i can get. i dove straight into work last week and am taking it easy in the evening. 
busy catching up on my fave blogs and thought i would say hello.
see you soon