Friday, 30 September 2011

what is making me happy

my new mustard yellow toggle coat for fall...
my sister brought it in for me last thoughtful of her

dry shampoo! why i have never had this before??? this is a girls best friend

sunny days = rooftop parties

i was studying and the sun came in and my whole room was like a disco

these are the things that have made me happy this week! 

friday fancies

good morning! i hope you all have a lovely last day of the work week and are all excited about the weekend ahead....i know i am. but before you do anything go on over to long distance loving and check my bootie boots post along with many other fall outfit ideas inspired by boots. clearly i am amongst a whole lot of ladies out there who are obsessed with boots this fall.

i am off to buffalo for a museum tour tomorrow! hopefully i can get some pics in if the security guard doesn't take my camera away from me....i plan on tackling said security guard if that occurs.
happy happy weekend xxx

Thursday, 29 September 2011

the stickies series

the first reminder is for myself. i clearly have a bad habit of leaving this dangerous device on while i am in class. not a good thing. 

reminders for my roomie upstairs. i am now informed that this is not how you spell torrent but all i am concerned about is the lack of speed our internet has when said torrent is in use

if anyone of you has ever lived or currently lives in a student house then you will understand why i have started this project. i am entitling it the stickies series, a project aimed at communicating with my household giving everyone little tips and notes to brighten their day or enhance the living situation of this 7 person home! these above are my first two stickies series post-its. hope you stay tuned to enjoy more from my little project. 

bangle me up

bangle me up

1. J Crew oversized jewelry, 2. Citrine By The Stones 18 karat gold jewelry, 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs chain link jewelry, 4. J Crew stackable jewelry, 5. Yellow gold jewelry, 6. Kate Spade metal jewelry, 7. J Crew vintage looking jewelry, 8. Michael Kors link jewelry, 9. J Crew chain jewelry

i am loving gold bangles and bracelets right now and i am pretty sure one of these babies would look just fabulous with my mk watch that i never seem to want to take off!! which one do you like???

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

sparkle on

oh kate 

i need this in my life for christmas

i have been having quite to sparkletastic week on my pinterest. unconsciously i have been pining all things glittery with only one simple explanation that i can think of as a reasonable excuse and that is that sparkle is simply perfect. a touch of sparkle makes everyone happy!
also if you are looking for something sparkly to stumble on for the day check out sequins and stripes! i think she is just adorable over there!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

bootie boots

i have an addiction sir

there is this scene in sex and the city that has sort of stuck with me forever. it is when carrie is in l.a with the girls and they put her on a non-smoking floor. one night out on the balcony of her room she starts puffing away whilst having a gossip session on the phone. a man down below calls up to confirm once again she is on a non-smoking floor. she calls down to him "i have an addiction sir".
this line, this quote, has always made me laugh. it is exactly what i feel like saying to all the haters who watch me knock back three diet cokes in one day. or to the people who look at me with that condescending look of horror when i purchase one at 9am. I HAVE AN ADDICTION SIR. i also want to tell them, i don't drink coffee or have a glass of wine when i get home. this is my caffeine, my energy, my one tasty thing that has no gluten or dairy. i know i know it is bad for me but guess what.....

did you know it comes in vanilla and cherry flavour too???? this is the most revolutionary idea in the world. 
enjoy your tuesday! 

Monday, 26 September 2011

monday morning

it is monday morning again! so much to do this week including readings, a proposal, a presentation, work and finally i am heading to the albright knox gallery in buffalo, new york on saturday so all in all a busy week ahead. but i gotta tell you when you have a busy week ahead and all seems like it isn't going to be pulled together in time, there is nothing like a little skype date to keep you sane and happy! this little screenshot of us will having me smiling all week long. 

gluten and dairy free diet update! i am one week in and feel great. my hives have really subsided and i feel a little lighter and seriously less bloated. i have two more weeks to go on this food challenge so i am going to perhaps show you some more recipes coming up this week! but for now i have been eating a lot of beans, rice crackers, vegetables and tea (oh my have i indulged in some tea this week). 

Sunday, 25 September 2011

girl power

image via national geographics
saudi women have just earned the right to vote! 
the world is a beautiful place capable of great change and possibility. 
love to saudi arabia today xxx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

i think i want a cape

the truth is, when it comes to fall, i have two obsessions. one is boots and the other is coats. or in this case capes. i absolutely love different coats or thick sweaters that bundle you up on chilly days. but what i have been seriously eyeing recently though is a cape. mainly because i have never owned a cape (that has to be a valid excuse as to why i my closet needs one) and another is because i have always had a thing for equestrian wear like riding boots, panelled leggings, elbow patched sweaters the question is should i invest in this american apparel wool cape? and if so which colour...leaning toward the camel (so yummy). when i go shopping over thanksgiving (yippee tons of recipes to come) i shall try it on and let you know what i decide on. 
saving pennies starting yesterday!

Friday, 23 September 2011

my job

so sorry this is such a late post but this actually gives me a chance to let you all know where i was all day. i was at work! i am a nanny to some of the most adorable little tots in the hamilton area...ah perfect job ever. i worked all day, then to another family all night and i am back to the office again tomorrow for another day of trains, dinosaurs, stories, pamper changes and plenty plenty more! i don't know what it is but i always seem to wind up in the childcare business. i have always babysat....since i was 12 (i think) and i am one of four children and 15 grandchildren so there are always little ones running around. i also run a dance camp every summer and have to say sometimes there is no better therapy than little kiddies. so there you have it i will be off with the kids all weekend! 
hope you all have a great weekend too! 

Thursday, 22 September 2011

vermicelli noodle stir fry

one of my first vegan (vegan is just easier if you are not eating gluten or dairy) recipes that i whipped up this week was a rice noodle stir fry. simple basic and delicious. i have to say now that it is day four, i am not finding it too bad the whole avoidance thing and i am actually enjoying getting creative with my food!

  • vermicelli rice noodles (two bunches)
  • one cup chopped cabbage
  • half a zucchini 
  • one half spanish red pepper
  • one half an onion
  • one cup firm tofu (marinate it in gluten free soy sauce first for good flavour)
  • ample gluten free soy sauce, salt pepper 
  • two tbsp of a stir fry sauce (i used orange and ginger)
sauté onions in a frying pan or wok until tender with salt and pepper. add all chopped vegetables until slightly soft on a medium heat. whilst this is cooking let the noodles cook in a bowl of boiling water for five minutes then drain. add noodles and chopped tofu to pan with soy and stir fry sauce stirring often on a medium high heat. voila! tasty food without the animal bi-products! 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

black cabinets


house beautiful


the fat hydrangea 
i am usually into bright and light kitchens but i have taken quite and interest into black cabinetry recently. in a sense i think it can be made to feel very cozy and intimate especially when accented with the right colours, like white obviously and even warm wood tones, reds and yellows. would love to snuggle up in a nice warm kitchen with a cup of lactose free hot chocolate and enjoy the first day of fall!
what are you all doing on your first day of fall? 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

looking forward to and day one of food challenge

fat pumpkins

salted caramel hot chocolate from starbucks

the changing leaves
yesterday was my very first day gluten, dairy and alcohol free! YIPPEEE
but today was more exciting for me because i went to the supermarket (i spent over an hour there) and bought all sorts of fun things to kick start this lifestyle change. here are a few things that i put in my trolley. 
  • vegan rice still not sure about it
  • tofu
  • quinoa
  • vermicelli rice noodles
  • rice crackers
  • beans
but to distract me from thinking about grilled cheese sandwiches and other double trouble dishes (double trouble meaning containing both gluten and dairy....the best kind of food really) i am thinking about more important things like the fact that it is officially fall weather people. bring on the cold gusts of wind and falling red leaves i am totally ready! also had such great feedback from yesterday's post, seems i am not alone with any of these intolerances! feel free to send me recipes would love to experiment!

Monday, 19 September 2011

going gluten and dairy free

i want to eat this 
hi all hope your weekend's were just as amazing as mine! i had an fun filled trip to the city with great friends who i haven't seen in forever and it was so lovely to catch up over sushi and plenty of cocktails. on the down side, however, my body has been in poor shape due to what i think may be too much gluten and dairy products in my life. since i have been back at school i have had such bad stomach pains and heart burn that i am trying to get to the root of the problem through dietary experimentation. 
when it comes to my health i have not been as lucky as others. i am a severe anaphylactic (to all painkillers and anti-inflamatories), i am asthmatic, i have terrible sinus allergies and break out in hives over everything (especially too much alcohol) and i also live with eczema (wow writing it down really is scary). so it would not even surprise me in the least if my body wanted to reject gluten and lactose as well, in fact i am pretty sure it is rejecting at least one of the two. i will be updating you as often as i can on things i will be eating and such and letting you know how the whole withdrawal process is. but my biggest fear of all....what on earth will i do without cheese??? so sad to think about. 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

memories of home

it has been really hard to be away from home and boyfriend since being back at school but all i need is a little memory (like this one) to cheer me right back up again. when the puppies were little, we had them in our little courtyard outback so they wouldn't wander off into the cow fields, as they attempted to do on several occasions. but during the night, they would get so restless and howl and wail for us to come give them lovings. this particular morning (it was like 6am) they were so loud that boyfriend swooped them up and brought them into bed with me. SURPRISE. they played for a bit then they plunked right down next to us and took a snooze. all they wanted to do was sleep with us like little babies!! 
they were so little and excitable back then. can't believe how much time i am going to miss watching them grow while over here in maple syrup land.  

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

happy birthday swan neck

happy 18th birthday to the most beautiful sister in the world. cannot believe you are all grown, off at university doing grown up things. hope you have the most wonderful day and that all your wishes come true xxxx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

fashion anarchy

sweater vintage, t-shirt american apparel, scarf h&m, leggings h&m, beret urban outfitters, watch michael kors, bracelet tiffany and co

i know i have been lagging in outfit posts (mainly due to lack of finding a willing photographer) so i thought i would pull up a couple pictures of an outfit from last fall taken by mcmaster universities fashion blog "fashion anarchy". this particular morning i was late....i mean super late for lecture so i literally put on anything big and comfy (hence all the chunky knits upon knits) and bolted out the door, only to realize after i ran to school that i actually had a few moments to spare. so i went to grab a diet coke (what else) and was stopped at the entrance. a fashion blogger wanted to take my picture. WHAT? at this point i had on no makeup, had not even thought of putting a comb through my hair and wasn't really sure what i was wearing? none the less she took it and it is kind of funny because this is sort of how i always dress for fall. leggings, chunky knit sweaters, long scarfs, a beret and tall boots (i had on some hunter riding boots this day). so there you have it. this is me on the go!

Monday, 12 September 2011

painted floors

images via pinterest 

painted floors. need i say more? if i had enough courage and could settle on a pattern that i adored and that i could assure myself that i would never be sick of, EVER, i would paint them (probably like the one directly above). because i think they are tres chic and very glamourous.