Thursday, 31 May 2012


{how excited am i}
sorry i have been a little disconnected since my arrival, it has been non stop since i arrived in venice last saturday. everyday our itinerary is chock A block full of activities and the little internet time i have is squeezed in after a long day on my feet. i have taken a record breaking 800 or so pictures thus far so hopefully i will let you take a peek at them soon....will reconnect soon xoxo 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

i am here

i am here. i am safe. chat soon. 

Friday, 25 May 2012

so i am off

the time has come and i today is my official last day living in canada and in celebration i am headed off on a month long travelling holiday to italy, france and england. today feels like the day my grown up life is officially beginning. ciao ciao my lovelies i shall write to you from across the pond. 

first stop i come

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

this week

oh the trauma
boy i tell you this is week is madness with a capital M. friday is approaching quickly and there are all sorts of things for me to pack/buy/sort out before the much anticipated departure date. so please excuse my absence for a wee little while, if anyone wants to know where i will be, i am attempting to pack up my life in 4 suitcases. volunteer help will be accepted. 

Friday, 18 May 2012

do you believe in the quarter life crisis?

hello i'm confused
do you believe in the quarter life crisis? as a recent university graduate i often find myself sort of floating around with that blissful feeling of invincibility. i have a degree, plenty of ambition to do something big and the mindset that it will happen. eventually. and what is that exactly...well that's the minor hiccup. while i am floating around in my little head some people have the audacity to burst my naive bubble and ask the dreaded question thousands of young adults cringe to what are you going to do with your life? eeek? ummm? ahhh? that is such a profound and personal question to ask just about anyone. i usually put on a smiley face and say well i am still looking around, but deep down, i am just as interested in the answer to that question as the interrogator. the thing is there are just so many bloody options aren't there? i feel like that is such an elitist way to look at things but our generation has, for the most part, been raised to believe that they can do pretty much anything they want to do. my problem is that i want to a little bit of everything. i once read that the average person has at least three major careers in their lifetime. how does one plan for that? can you plan? i think the most obvious thing to do is settle on one area and really critically study what about that industry you like the most. this is as far as i got to narrowing down my options.

career possibilities that ally lewis has pondered over the last year:

  • professional student a.k.a masters
  • first grade teacher 
  • make-up artist (thanks lisa eldridge for making it look oh so glamourous)
  • caterer 
  • curatorial assistant at the national gallery london or v&a
  • social media expert for fashion company
  • assistant fashion buyer
  • au pair 
  • had a moment of insanity and considered law school
  • professional blogger
  • bridal consultant as a result of saturating myself with multiple episodes of say yes to the dress

all that is missing from that list is an astronaut. oh all the questions that need answering. all that i know for sure at this moment is that i am officially moving to london on august 24th (mini wave), i have an amazing job lined up for the summer after a month in europe and i think instead of worrying about addressing this quarter life crisis fandango, i am just going to go back and be a teenager for the next couple of months. maybe that will help. 

diane von furnstenberg once said "i did not know what i wanted to do but i knew the woman i wanted to be". amen to that dvf.

Thursday, 17 May 2012



{images via}

i have yet to take the chance on this trend but i am such a fan. women who wear chambray well look so chic and effortlessly put together. 
this week over at long distance loving we are putting together chambray looks. i do not have a look necessarily but if i was going to purchase some chambray, i quite like those three above. 

happy long weekend canadians xoxo

p.s if you haven't liked my facebook page you should because you are missing out. just saying

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

oh no she didn't

jacket and blouse: h&m. jeans and oxfords: uo. bag: longchamp. bow: american apparel
lips: ruby woo

my favourite colours are neutral and i kinda love a pop of red xoxo

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

spring garden

maxi: h&m. (last seen here) shawl: american apparel. turban and cuff: f21. lips: MAC ruby woo.

secretly i wish i could dress like this most days. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

at the moment...

i would have simply done a post stating "how much do you love this photo?" but i thought i would add a little update for you lovelies (on a serious note i need this ridiculous)

at the moment i am at work. i am taking every shift possible before i embark on my trip to italy next thursday and it is worth every moment of wiping stinky bums and drying up crocodile tears. i can taste the spaghetti on my lips, hear the chattering of italian in the background and smell the produce at the markets. it is so close. 

on another note my travel plans have slightly changed, rather been enhanced, and i am heading off to paris for four or so days after i finish up in rome to see the old boyfriend. i did not mention this earlier but he started a 3 month work placement in the middle east (oh joy) for business and thus will not be in london when i arrive after my trip. so we are making the best of it and meeting up for a long weekend in the city of love. the plan is not to plan and just enjoy the days walking around doing nothing maybe perusing some museums but mostly just keeping it simple. 

ciao xoxo

Saturday, 12 May 2012


jacket: old navy. top: f21. maxi skirt, bag and sandals: zara

have a wonderful weekend 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

the hue: blush

the hue: blush
oh blush. oh i love thee. 
do not forget to check out the other boards to see what other colours the ladies are crushing on over at long distance loving this week.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

holiday hair

a quick bobby pin to the side is chic and great if you have a slight wave to your hair

braids are perfect for an everyday look. this fishtail is a surprisingly easy one to try out

a fishtail to the back...perfect

this boho look will be great with a flowy dress while visiting museums

i despise those throw on the top of your head messy buns. these are way more flattering

chic messy pony

a high pony is great with shades and a slouchy top

i am leaving for italy in two weeks! 

and i am not bringing any hair tools on my trip ie: no straightener, curling iron or blow dryer for the fear that they will blow up (due to voltage converting issues).
so i have been dreaming up some effortlessly beautiful hair do's that i can try over there.

things to consider:
1. i have super long hair so leave in conditioner or moroccan oil is a must
2. even if i want a "messy look" i don't want to look messy


sweater: american apparel. shorts: levi's. shoes: zara. watch: michael kors.
shades: ray-ban. necklace:h&m

yesterday we had a heatwave. it feels like it is officially summer. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

product haul: spring essentials

{turquoise and caicos, cute as a button, lilacism}

{h&m twist necklace}

{zara sandals}

{ruby woo lipstick}

{toms for upcoming italy trip}
 i did a mighty large shopping trip last week and i just wanted to share some pics of the things i bought with you lovelies. 
1. essie polishes for the summertime
2. new chic necklace for summer dresses
3. my favourite sandals
4. a classic red lip with a delicious matte finish
5. finally invested in some toms and so far...i love them

outfit posts to come xoxo

Monday, 7 May 2012

watch this

i have been heavily anticipating this series from lifetime and i am so excited it i here. the conversation hosted by the lovely amanda de cadenet features celebrity women in raw interviews where no question is off the table. i am about to watch the one posted on her website. looking forward to a few giggles.
 also i have been mentioned here today so check that out and like their facebook page and mine if you already haven't.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

say yes to mojitos

say yes to mojitos

this saturday the ladies and i are headed out to celebrate cinco de mayo. i am excited for the following reasons:
1. i will see my lovely friends
2. there will be a sangria/mojitos/margarita at this gathering
3. there will also be guacamole and tortilla chips
4. i will be wearing a festive outfit...guaranteed

if you are celebrating cinco de mayo make sure you head over to long distance loving to check out more looks.
adios xoxo 

oh la la

{all images}

oh to be effortlessly chic...the style of a french woman is so enviable.

closet staples of a french woman
1. skinny black pants
2. tailored blazer
3. great bag
4. tons of black