Thursday, 29 March 2012

april showers bring may flowers

april showers bring may flowers

i am dying to break out of my woolies and into flowy pastels. after being on a clothing spending freeze for some time now i have saved up so i can stock up on some spring essentials. the wish list includes pastel tops, coloured jeans, sweet flats, peachy makeup and simple staples. look at what the other ladies conjured up over at long distance loving. 
happy weekend xoxo

white out

i clearly love white.
all of these can be found here

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

waiting for spring

sweater: zara men's. shirt: ralph lauren men's. leggings: american apparel. oxfords: urban outfitters.
beret and wrist warmer's: h&m. 

where did the warm weather go? i sure as heck don't know but i am missing it terribly.
keeping warm in my wooly knits til something changes.

Monday, 26 March 2012

a new scent

if you all follow my facebook page (hint hint go check out the page) you may have noticed my cover photo is of my new miss dior cherie perfume. i never used to be a multiple perfume type of chic but i have to tell you it has been nice to have options depending on my mood. i have worn viktor and rolf flowerbomb for years now, and for day i have always favoured chance by chanel, but this is a deeper scent and super feminine. i am quite smitten. 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

off the court

off the court

Isabel Marant linen shirt, $495, Isabel Marant short sleeve jacket, $730, The Row leather legging, $1,700, Isabel Marant wedge sneaker, $396, Prada leather handbag, £1,065 Alexander McQueen cuff bangle, £285

i am not really a sports fan. i know i know, it's shocking i am sure. i do try really for my relationship to get involved in the whole sports world as the boyfriend is slightly obsessed by i cannot however hard i try. but over at long distance loving the ladies are celebrating march madness so i am joining in the fun, putting together an outfit that i would wear courtside if ever you caught me at a basketball game. 
happy weekend xoxo 

blog award

hey all! the lovely laura at style notes nominated me for a liebster award! to check out her post and more about the liebster check out her blog here 
thank you laura for the blog love xoxo

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

lately i am loving

i get into these obsessions every so often. i find a song that plays on repeat for days. i stumble across a new blog to read from the beginning. i come across an article that puts a smile on my face. so i thought i would share a little list of the things i am currently wrapped up in.

  • i watch this stunning lady all the time. her voice is so soothing and i love the way she applies make up. i am definitely turning into a product junkie
  • i am constantly looking at this tote. i go back to shopbop daily just to check up on it
  • i really want to try these out to see if they would actually create some curl on my head
  • a new blog that i am lusting over. i love her header
  • there is still good in the world. a happy read about jk. rowling
  • this is the show that i cannot wait to sit down to every sunday
  • this channel is always playing my new favourite new artist

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

you always want what you can't have

classic beauty florence

lana you are delicious

my style icon taylor

i have to say, i have always had a love of red locks. what i would give to test out some red tousled hair. i don't think however it would be a good look on my olive skin and dead straight hair that truly doesn't have much bounce.
my fave look you may ask? lana del rey's hair looks a dream in that photo. she is my latest obsession. 

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Monday, 19 March 2012

grampa sweater green

sweater: goodwill $5. shirt and leggings: american apparel. flats: primark uk. shades: ray-bans

i try and thrift shop every so often and recently i found this grampa cardi in the men's sectiont of goodwill. i love the geometric pattern, something that i am sure i will get sick of after a few wears but hey for $5 it has paid for itself already.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

four leaf clover

four leaf clover

green is the theme this friday over at long distance loving
it is st. patrick's day saturday and it will 20 beautiful degrees over here so it will be the perfect day for pints out on a sunny pub patio. i have a hefty amount of work to do, but i am going to try my hardest to get at least one green beer out of the holiday. 
 happy weekend 

london's calling: i am moving

so i have been keeping a secret from you all and it's a big one. i have been waiting for the right moment  but it always seemed too premature but i cannot wait any longer. here it is. 
i am moving to london
yes it is true, the ruffled lace is going across the pond. i am following the newly relocated boyfriend and my dream of living in my absolute favourite city to start my post university career (more details on my job application process to come). it has been in the works for some time now however yesterday my visa application process officially started and today boyfriend set off to the land of tea and crumpets to start a new job (proud lady over here) so it seemed as good a time as any. 
in preparation of my new move i have been doing oh so much research. looking up jobs, ooogling dream neighbourhoods and following this funny lady admiring how she copes with being an expat living in the uk. of course i am excited but i would be lying if i said i wasn't a tad scared out of my knickers (also started using new lingo). the boyfriend is part brit so he is all set but i will struggle. guaranteed. 
so here we go. the blog will be filled with all sorts of fun english themed posts from here on out and you all will be able to see this me blossom (hopefully) into a true brit! 
oh the fun we will have

 things i love about london already....
  1. tea. i love tea of all kinds but a hot cup of red rose one sugar one milk....yummmm
  2. the balmy weather. i may be eating my words later however i love the rain
  3. pubs. i think pub culture is fantastic. it doesn't hurt that they serve guinness on tap either
  4. museums. i am dreaming of getting lost on a saturday in the v&a and the national gallery
  5. the lingo. like i said i have already started and i try to say loo now. it's a start
things i am not so fond of
  1. location. i am not fond of the fact that london is 8 hours from a little place called home. tear
  2. the pound. holy hanna london is expensive! i'm saving my nannying dollars so maybe i will be ok
  3. manual driving. now i have my license for a standard car but that doesn't mean i wanna drive one
  4. the tube. let's just put this lightly, the nightmares have already started
  5. kraft dinner. i have heard rumours that KD does not frequent the groceries over there. not good

p.s anyone out there ever moved across the pond before?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

behind the lens

on chris: coat: artizia, sweater: bay. blouse and belt: h&m. tights: lululemon.
 booties: costa blanca. watch: michael kors. 

nars: dragon girl

on em: blouse: unknown. blazer: costa blanca. tights lululemon. scarf:
borrowed from moi. boots: steve madden. watch: michael kors
i have had quite a few comments about who the photographer(s) is for my outfit posts so today i thought would be the perfect day to reveal the dynamic duo behind the lens. some of my photos have been taken by my beautiful cousin or sister, but at school they are done by my beloved roommates em and chris. with zero experience the two of them have enthusiastically stepped up to the plate and blossomed into mini scott schumans. they had a ball with this shoot in particular, essentially poking fun at all the pose striking i've been up to lately. 
couldn't have asked for a more sunshiny day!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

cutoffs and converse

sweater and scarf: h&m. shorts: vintage levi's. shades: ray-ban. tights: secret.
shoes: converse. watch: michael kors.

hey all! just a little fyi i just started up a facebook page so if you click the like button in the box to the right side of the page you can receive constant fb info on the ruffled lace!

Monday, 12 March 2012

spring time dresses

spring time dresses

hey all.but here is a board i did last week inspired by the gorgeous weather we have been having recently.
toodles xoxo

Saturday, 10 March 2012

watermelon pink

sweater: vintage. dress: f21. tights: secret. oxfords: urban outfitters.

it's a sunny saturday so the roomies and i took advantage of great weather and whipped out the camera for some blog material. 
happy weekend xox