Wednesday, 31 August 2011

falling for fall at h&m

stripe sweater

lace blouse

black crepe dress

lace dress

leg warmers

wrist warmers

braided headband

leather tote

more wrist warmers

pompom hat

bow hair clip
i am going to continue with more on my love of fall today. truthfully, the sad thing is, that i have already started my online window shopping for fall clothes. in august. in barbados. oh my that is sad. but online browsing prepares me....and my ever fearsome wallet....for the items that need to be purchased. h&m always has reasonably priced and trendy things that i just can't get enough of. here is my wishlist......and i haven't even seen what is in the shops and not online! bad start considering i have books to buy! 

splurge vs. steal

j.crew booker vs. h&m riding boot
oh it is almost that time of year again....fall. i have to say if there is one season that i absolutely love to dress for it is fall. crisp cool days, warm coats with light knit cardigans. such cozy weather.
the first start to every season must commence with a few staples. for me it has to be some brown boots. i cannot fathom the idea of spending tons of money but i have already fallen in love with the booker boots from j.crew. last night however, i stumbled across these reasonably priced pair of stunners on h&m. so what will it be? splurge vs. steal??

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

the closet

my teeny tiny cupboard

thank goodness for some shelving

heels mainly aldo and zara

shoes are always a mix from michael kors to primark in england

latest addition is a beth & tracie maxi

closet staples are.....


textured pieces


 i am constantly reading articles in magazines entitled something like"what is your signature style" and i have realized i do not really identify to any specific category. i am not classic, romantic, bohemian or trendy alone. i am such a mix of all styles and truthfully i simply pick out what i like and not what i think is definable. however, if i did identify as anything it would be as a lover of patterns because if there is anything that i do consistently, it is that i pick up everything that has a pretty print. so this is a little sneak peak into my super colourful closet. enjoy <3

Monday, 29 August 2011

just another monday

this monday due to another night of sleep deprivation i have decided to spend my day in bed, finishing up some school course stuff, watching the princess diaries (i know i am a small child at heart) and reading a load of gossip mags. ah bliss. what do you do on your days off from reality? 

Saturday, 27 August 2011


my absolute favourite dog ever is a bulldog. i have a certain obsession with english bulldogs but french ones are super cute as well. these are the sweetest most wrinkly dinkly beauties ever. imagine waking up to that slobbery face every morning? oh bliss. it has been a dream of mine to get one as soon as i get my own place after graduation next year. fingers crossed, must start saving my pennies from now! 

Friday, 26 August 2011

friday favourites

multiple stools around an island

fall heels

copper light fixtures 

blue cabinets

a touch of sparkle

chunky knit scarfs 

elbow patches

camel clutch

knit dress with printed tights

oversized sweaters

quote to live by

leopard shoes? who is with me

it is friday! this week was packed full of end of summer treats. dinner parties, nights out, beach days, skype dates, casual coffee's, you name it i did it. was so lovely to see all my friends though because before you know it, we will all be back at school or work at opposite ends of the globe. so have to soak up all the love i can get from them before i leave for uni. 
unfortunately i have also had incredible insomnia since last week and feel a little sleepy! hopefully i can rest up soon to prepare for a full weekend with the family. 
happy weekend!

images via pinterest and weheartit 

Thursday, 25 August 2011

knit me up

so best news for canadians everywhere. topshop has arrived in toronto! this exciting news has me  browsing the shops website often to pick and choose a few of my fave pieces that i may be investing in come fall. one of my all time favourite fall staples has to be the knitted sweater. it is cozy and always looks on trend with a beret and knee high boots. here are a few of my picks from topshop's knitwear collection <3