Monday, 31 October 2011

sniffle sniffle achoooooo

happy halloween everyone! sorry my post will have to be short and sweet as i am in bed with big swollen glands and blocked up sinuses. this makes me very sad as i was looking forward to seeing everyone at uni in costume and enjoy candied treats however i will have to take it easy instead! if you want more of a read today then check out yesterday's post if you haven't already had a chance to look at it !
have a spooky day!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

my top ten most essential closet pieces

i have been thinking about victoria beckham's book that extra half an inch recently. i read it some time ago when my sister received it as a gift and essentially the book is about all of her favourite style picks. so it got me thinking.....hmmmm what are my top ten most crucial wardrobe items that i simply could not live without? well it took me awhile but i think i came up with ten items that are necessary to dressing me on a regular basis.
1. the beret: i just love a hat. i know that is strange because most people find hats awkward and hard to style but i think a hat is literally the cherry on top the outfit. my favourite type of hat is the beret. yes it is very french of me but they are simply perfect. i am also a fan of beanies and such but the beret is pretty essential for me. fave brands are aldo, urban outfitters, h&m, asos and aritzia.
2. the hunter boots: i don't just like these boots, i love them. i am seriously considering a third pair at the moment but boyfriend brought it to my attention that i will be moving in less than a year and did i really need another pair to pack up with the rest of my stuff? fair point. however they are just so comfortable, they are waterproof so perfect for all seasons (i have the fleece liners for the winter too) and you always look effortlessly preppy when you have them on. fave colours are olive green, red and patent black
3. the longchamp pliage: this bag is a lifesaver. it is the type of bag that holds absolutely everything and anything and looks good while doing it because it is so simple. it comes in a plethora of colours and i would have a hundred of these travel bags but unfortunately my wallet will not enable me. i got mine for my 19th birthday only after seeing the trend in london and paris and i have used as my bag of all trades since but now everywhere i turn on campus another girl has one. so i guess everyone feels the same as i do now. fave colours are red (my colour) eggplant, hunter green, curry, pink and black.
4. the legging: i wear leggings everyday. that is not an understatement. when i am not trying to make more of an effort in my skinny jeans i am in my leggings, so pretty often. i try to part from them but i just can't. i love fashion and getting all gussied up but with school i am too lazy sometimes to be uncomfortable in something clingy or tight. fave brands are lululemon, american apparel, splendid and club monaco (if you wear them often, spend money on them like you would jeans, it is worth the investment)
5. the watch: i have pretty much always worn a watch, i like to know the time and i am not the type to constantly check my phone for it. i don't really wear jewellery on a day to day(studs and a bracelet is all really) and so the watch has to be big and make a statement. my michael kors watch is something that i never take off. i wear it everyday and to every event otherwise i would forget to put it back on and seeing as i rely on it for time management, it would be a shame to be out the house without it. fave brands are michael kors, cartier (dream), nixon, marc jacobs
6. the aviators: i am a bit of a sunglass nut, but one pair of shades that i will keep replacing in my collection (if they go missing/break) are my ray-ban aviators. i have tried on so many shades and purchased so many different shapes but the pair i always go back to are these. they are timeless and chic and they go with absolutely everything. i love them and i don't think another pair of glasses will ever go into my essential category. fave brands for aviators are ray-band, d&g, ralph lauren, vintage
7. the grandpa sweater: i wear these sweaters pretty much everytime i wear leggings, so a lot. i don't like to wear things that are tight on top during the day really so some comfy leggings and an oversized grandpa sweater works for me. i love that they are always snuggly and i live for wool and knit. i actually only own one "sweater" from american apparel for lounging but the rest of my sweaters are wool, knit, angora and are mostly androgynous looking. fave brands are zara (mens section too) h&m, vintage, topshop
8. the toggle coat: i am all about this style of coat. i actually could have all my coats as toggle coats and be the happiest lady. i don't know what it is but i am not a fan of the simple pea coat, it needs a little something extra like a cute hood or some toggles. you with me? i actually cannot walk passed one in a shop without stopping to take a peak at it. right now i am looking to replace my old winter one (toggles are falling apart...very sad) and i have some ideas. fave brands are barbour, burberry (the ultimate) abercrombie, j.crew
9. the maxi dress: the most comfortable, effortless and pretty outfit for me is a maxi dress. when i am home, i am always in and out of them because they are too comfy to pass up. i love bold prints and i have them for all occasions like cotton ones for around the house and more fancy ones for dinners out. for fall i would pair one with a little denim jacket and flats. i have pretty much started to collect them. fave brands are f21, h&m, asos, zara, mendocino
10. the ballet flat: i wear flats a lot, mostly because they are comfy but also because they are cute and i am quite tall so to be my same height all the time works for me. i love the look of an oversized pullover, black leggings and cute ballet flats, just simple and chic. one of my favourite places to shop for them is at primark in england because they are so inexpensive for the really fun trendy ones and no one in canada knows that they only cost me 3 pounds! i get so many compliments on them over here. fave brands are primark, j.crew, michael kors, repetto, london sole

so there you have it my top ten could not live without closet essentials. i realize that most of my essentials are essentials because they are comfy. well i guess you caught me. as much as i love to wear outfits that cinch me in at my waist or jack up my height by 5 inches (i refuse to ever wear kitten heels, flat of four inches for more please) most everyday i am in a comfy, slouchy, pretty, preppy outfit. 

Thursday, 27 October 2011

this is halloween

this is halloween

Christian louboutin heels, €648Colette Malouf feather hair accessory, $257Black Velvet Feather Mask |, £13\
 this is halloween and if i had absolutely no budget whatsoever i would go out as a black swan in a fabulously expensive tulle number with killer heels and a feather headpiece. however i do have a budget so when i wear my "student" costume i will take some pictures to show you all!
don't forget to go over to long distance loving to look at more over the top halloween outfit picks.
happy halloween everyone!


hello my blogging beauties. well i would just like you all to know, if you already are not familiar with them, that i am a member of chictopia which is a site were fashionistas can post photos of there outfits and really get them out there for other bloggers to oogle at. it is a bit like lookbook but i find it a bit more amateur which i like (not really professional yet!). anyways if you are interested click on my chictopia button to the right and you can follow me or just check out other fashion bloggers if you like to peak at the style of other chicks. 
also, on another note i just want to thank all the followers of my blog. i had my highest amount of hits yesterday and i was so happy. eeeeeek. if you look at my blog (and i know you do because you're looking at it right now!) and want to show some love, just click on the google "follow" button on the right and sign up with a google or yahoo account or with your twitter! it just takes a second if you don't already have one and you can use your existing e-mail!

thanks everyone for your support! 

grey for grey

sweater, long sleeve, pleated skirt, leg warmers h&m, tights hue,  beret aldo, shoes primark uk

everything is new but my sweater is so old and still i love it...similar one here

grey outfit for the most grey day.

stay dry!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

so proud

i was reading my schools newsletter today and it confirmed a rumour i had been hearing recently. MAC is one of four canadian universities ranked in the top 100 universities in the world! i was so proud that my relatively small town uni, which has an incredible research hospital as well as a beautiful, well stocked museum (that's right we have monet and even rembrandt) made it on this list. just a tidbit of info for anyone out there that is looking at canadian universities. 
go marauders!  

how do you document?

how do you document?

Cross Autocross Leather, Pocket Agenda Calendar, Pink (AC234-9):..., $65, Kate's Paperie : Shop : 2012 Graphic Image, Desk Agenda, Saffiano :..., $40, Knightsbridge Debra, $225, Poketo Waiting for Tomorrow Day Planner, $28, Keep Calm and Carry On Book, £4.99






how do you document your life? in a day planner? in an ipad? i always wonder if i am the last human on earth who still uses an agenda to write down my schedule so i would like to get your feedback. how do you plan your schedule? 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

the last of fall

the light fall weather is officially dwindling down and the cooler weather is moving in. last night while i was listening to my favourite radio show john tesh: intelligence for your life (i told you i was a nerd and this is a trivia addicts dream show) i heard shocking news. apparently it may snow on monday (which is halloween) and i was like what?? i just started wearing a jacket, now i have to swap it for a coat? well forecast weather is often false however just the sound of that four letter word over the air freaked me out a little. it made me realize the cold weather actually is upon is. i woke up this morning and it was 5 degrees. that settles it then, bring out your snowshoes canadians. 
so savour it while you can...i think i shall go and buy a pumpkin to celebrate the season while it is still here!

Monday, 24 October 2011

monday morning

today is the first day of the week and i already feel exhausted. nothing like two midterms to kickstart your day as well as a whole host of other weekly treats that you have to be worried/thinking about including halloween costumes, presentations, work, the fact that this is the last week of october (yikes) and much more. i used to like mondays. it meant the start of something fresh and new. but for now it is my nemesis and i must conquer it before it gets the better of me.
for all those out there struggling with the idea of monday....i feel ya

Friday, 21 October 2011

blogging buddy

coat aritzia, top and pants f21, booties urban outfitters, watch mkors
it is a funny story how i know this fellow blogger. our boyfriends went to high school together/are still friends from barbados and oddly enough we have never really met....we had a brief hi hello at the airport once and now miss melanie of born lippy is out in the wild west so there have not really been any opportune moments to get to know each other UNTIL NOW. we discovered, individually, that we both have blogs, love fashion, are obsessed with scrunchy faced dogs and so we decided to start being blogging bff's and bbm pen pals. i have been so fortunate not only to have my own incredible group of girls but through boyfriend i have made some amazing friendships with the WAGS (aka wives and girlfriends) dating his close group of guy friends. and the best news of all....i finally get to have a proper meet with this lady as she is coming to spend the holidays with us crazy island people. 
can't wait xxx
p.s on more of a fashion note, i want her coat and have admired it forever...if you haven't been to aritzia you have to check them out as they have stunning on trend pieces! 
heading there tomorrow yippee!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

a month of pink

a month of pink

TopShop acrylic sweater, $80, Legging, $25, Hunter tall boots, £75, Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold watch, $175, Post earrings, $60, COLLECTION XIIX knitted shawl, $34, essie nail color, sugar daddy, $8

this month is breast cancer awareness month and for fancy friday we are all thinking pink! don't forget to head over to long distance loving to check out other pink outfit ideas! 
remember for the rest of october to think pink and...
help save the tatas xxx

check it out...check it out

my new blogging buddy miss mel is posting one of my looks over at her blog bornlippy today! so go and check her out and stay tuned as i am going to be featuring her hopefully later this week! 

according to my pinterest this week

i love this colouring...such a scrunch face

red winter accessories


a haircut i am lusting

i've been missing dance a little lately....kinda a lot

milk glass is stunning

flowy anything, anytime

i just absolutely love her

today is such a windy day, after school all i want to do is cuddle with this
it is almost the weekend but in between work and school it is so relaxing to just pin a little on pinterest. this is what i have been pinning this week !