Tuesday, 31 January 2012

product haul

michael kors envelope wallet

michael kors blinged out makeup bag

amazing eye concealer 

moccasin bedroom slippers

new deep conditioner and incredible body cream

new book i have been dying to read
every time i watch product hauls on youtube from makeup gurus they always get me excited! so i thought i would do a little one myself of a few things that are new to me from over the last few weeks.
more to come....didn't want to show off all the goods at once

Monday, 30 January 2012

shades of grey

lace blouse f21, vest zara, skirt h&m, tights topshop, booties aldo, beret walmart,watch michael kors, bracelet tiffany's

happy monday xox

Thursday, 26 January 2012

winter wonderland

winter wonderland

i love winter accessories probably more than summer ones. i could have a million hats and coats. this winter, unlike the last one i have been wearing darker colours, especially black and grey.
 above is my ideal outfit for a cold foggy day.
don't forget to head over to long distance loving to check out more friday's fancies.

cool clothes

coat joe fresh, sweater old navy, leggings lululemon, socks hue, boots hunters,  beanie boyfriends, glasses versace
i bought a third pair of hunters.
i know i think i have a problem.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

let us talk about extravagance

i am having some midweek distractions.
they include items that i most certainly cannot afford but in turn would really like in my cupboard.
they include...
1. a barbour coat (which i have wanted for years)
2. this boston celine bag which i have spoken about several times
3. these isabel marant hightop sneakers which are amazing. 
that is all.
happy hump day xoxo

winter wear

(all images)
 it is not that chilly today, its hovering around -2.
however on days when it is -22 i am always striving to leave the house in a semi fashionable look. 
i end up appearing like the abominable snowman. 
these ladies make it look so easy to dress for the frosty weather.
to would like to draw more inspiration from them.
one tip i will take with me:

Monday, 23 January 2012

he is here

 little theodore
born january 21 2012
i love him already cannot wait to meet him

one caramelized onion dip coming right up

 over christmas i had plenty of parties to host and attend so during my exam period i did some browsing of recipes i would like to try. but as always recipes for me are like guidelines. my philosophy is like the instruction manual in a monopoly box, recipes are there to be glanced at briefly but generally one should make up the rules as they go. 
this is my version of caramelized onion dip
  • 5 or 6 onions (red or yellow are fine, i used a mixture of both)
  • one tub of soft cream cheese (i use either fat free or a reduced fat one)
  • a couple cups of light mayonnaise
  • a cup of sour cream or fat free plain yogurt
  • a handful or two of a white cheese like mozzarella, sharp cheddar, swiss or gruyere
  • tons of black pepper
  • stick of butter
  • half a cup of brown sugar
  • balsamic optional
-slice all onions into rings and place them onto a baking sheet (this method means you don't have to be hovering over a stove while doing this, it works)
-dice up the butter into cubes and place in tray with sugar, toss with hands
-place them into the oven at 350C and stir every 10-15 mins until soft and tender (if you like just before you take them out the oven which should take about 40 mins, add a dash or two of balsamic vinegar which adds both to the flavour and colour
-put onions in a small to medium casserole dish and add all other ingredients. stir well
-bake before serving for 15 mins at 350C and if you like grate some more cheese on the top and pop into the oven on broil for ten more minutes to get a bubbly brown top.

this dish is full of calories but there are options to cut corners. you can skip the sugar on the onions. brown onions are full of natural sugars and can caramelize all by themselves. all dairy products can be fat free including the cheese which you can substitute with fat free ricotta. just remember if you are taking out fat you must put something back in to make up for the flavour loss. always use salt in those instances. always taste before you serve if you are experimenting with substituting ingredients.
happy cooking xoxo

back track post: lunch at my favourite place on earth

the fish pot is one of my absolute favourite restaurants in barbados. it is located right on the water and always has the most amazing food. when we were little we used to stay at the adjoining hotel little good harbour every summer and i have such fond memories of being there as a little tot.
here are some of my "artsy" shots.
happy monday xoxo

Saturday, 21 January 2012

oh happy days

i do not typically blog on a saturday but today is a particularly special day!
these reasons are the following
  • i took a zumba class two days ago and i am still aching. pain is progress i say.
  • today i am off to the states to go to the outlet mall and that means shopping. need i say more? 
  • i just booked my reading week flight home. this is happy news because it is -10 outside. yuck.
  • my beautiful cousin is about to have baby number two. magical.
happy saturday my lovelies
be happy xoxo

Thursday, 19 January 2012



this week i am back to my friday fancies over at long distance loving
it feels so good to be back into the routine of using the creative side of my mind to come up with style boards so yippeeee.
this week we were getting inspiration from pinterest which is an incredibly addictive site if  you ask me.
happy friday all xox

back track : december 25th

would not be christmas without this monkey

baby kicking

kinda cheeky

socks for chrissymuss

the loot

famjam portrait

aren't we excited 

maybe too excited

opening pressies

look who came to visit us

breaky with the grinch

evidence i have new recipes to come


girl cousins




we do the soulja boy dance every family event. i know we are that cool.
so this is a small glimpse of what my family christmas looked like this year. it involved a lot of food, wine, dancing and family of course. i have been so homesick this semester just reminiscing about one of the best christmases i have ever had. 
maybe just maybe i will be heading home soon....