Monday, 30 April 2012


{danielle from we wore what}

{nicola from nicola-claire}
every time i find a new blog with style that inspires me, i feel like it is my blogger duty to share them with you. so here are some lovely ladies who showcase looks to love. 
like what you see? then check these girls out and follow the ruffled lace to stay updated on more exposed style.

if you or any other ladies want to expose your style then comment on this post and let me know!
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Sunday, 29 April 2012

sunday funday

my weekend activities have been rather productive so i thought i would share with you all what i have been upto....

  • my blog is naked. yes i have stripped her bare until i think of something new to do with her. i want a fresh look soon but until then she will remain in her birthday suit
  • i am moving from my beloved student room to the room next door for the rest of the month. i have been packing, sorting, vacuuming, purging and reminiscing about all the good times i had in here. these four walls that contain the memories from my last two years at school will soon belong to someone new. oh the trauma.
  • since classes ended a couple weeks ago i have been wanting to keep busy with activities that won't turn my university nurtured mind into mulch (caution: the real housewives is detrimental to your intelligence...proceed with caution). so last night i was turned onto ted talks. i stayed up until 3am watching videos that made me laugh, cry and become inspired. this was my favourite.
  • i am trying to make the most of my last month in canada. while still being conscientious and saving my pennies for my upcoming trip i have been keen to do some quintessential canadian activities. yesterday i went to the farmers market (purchases include a delish coffee and fresh grapefruits) and then i took a  trip to my uni's museum (mcmaster has a monet, rembrandt and goya just fyi art lovers). to end the day i quite happily polished off a few glasses of sangria. my recipe is cheap red wine (merlot is best) ginger ale and slices of grapefruit with ice. its pretty lip-smackingly good. 
  • and finally the job hunt has begun. i am going to be scrutinizing the internet constantly for suitable london jobs and from this week i have to start seriously considering the application process...seriously. 
happy workweek lovelies

Thursday, 26 April 2012

the much anticipated date night

the much anticipated date night

as many of my followers are aware, the boyfriend and i do long distance: he is london i am toronto. but with a much anticipated move on the horizon i have been promised several date nights to make up for lost time. you the kind normal co-habiting couples go on? who is excited here? well i am so excited that i thought that this weeks friday's fancies would be the perfect opportunity to whip together the dream date night outfit. something classy and chic is what i picture wearing in a low lit cozy restaurant on a little night out. 

don't forget to check out the other ladies date night looks over at long distance loving.
happy weekend all xoxo

italy: countdown is on

italy: countdown is on

my trip to italy is officially one month away. funny thing is, i am just as excited about what i am wearing on the plane as i am to see the sistine chapel...almost. in a dream world, this is what i would be wearing (and i would own that super cool ipad) to travel across the pond. something comfy and black. those are my requirements for the perfect outfit almost always.

p.s last summer i did a post on whether or not i thought toms were cute/not so cute. i am still teetering, what are your thoughts? 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

seamless summer makeup

seamless summer makeup

this summer i will travelling more than normal and i am not interested in lugging my entire kit around with me everywhere i go. for summer, i want a low maintenance dewy look and i am interested in investing in some of these products in order to achieve a sweet summer "no makeup/makeup"face. 

Monday, 23 April 2012

the pant of the moment

{all photos via}
 these pants are simply perfect and i want to save up several pennies to invest in them. if not leather i think the waxed look in on.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

conversations with s

i nanny part time and most days it is the usual: running after little bottoms, chopping food into bite size pieces and playing tickle monster. but sometimes i work nights and the bedtime routine has to be my all time favourite. there are bubble baths and lots of story telling and sometimes snuggles with little S who loves a little tlc before bed.
so this evening after i finished telling a quick story, S looked at me with sleepy brown eyes and asked if i would snuggle. he curled up next to me, wrapped his little arms around my wooly sleeve and this was our conversation.

s: was your day?
a: it was good S i had a big test at school. how was your day?
s: it was good, i went to nana's for lunch.
a: what did you have?
s: appetizers.
a: oh really
s: and we didn't even have cookies.What did you have?
a: i actually had a popsicle this morning. do you know what that is?
s: yea its like icy candy on a stick, it makes your tongue really cold and it's all messy and you probably  needed a plate. 

bless his little heart xxx

Friday, 20 April 2012

bunco (not bunkle), final exam and lots of coffee

t-shirt: american apparel. bf jeans: abercrombie. scarf: winners. shoes: converse.
nails: essie turquoise and caicos

this week is my last real week of school. tomorrow i will be sitting my last university exam and even though i should be relieved/overjoyed/ecstatic it is a little bitter sweet. it is time to grow up, and i am not sure i am ready or know how exactly... 
this week has been crazy filled with lots of studying, going to work, several ice coffee runs and last night i went to my first bunco party. i kept calling it bunkle, but i assure you it is bunco. we drank sangria, nibbled on treats and stayed up late chatting. it was the perfect way to pre-celebrate the end of studying days. now it is time to settle down and hit the books hard.

it is beautiful weather so have a fab weekend xoxo

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

ten tips on how to study

i know they are not conventional but these are some things that i do to help me study.

  1. put on a classical music podcast or long playlist that does not have interruptions
  2. work in the library so you do not have distractions
  3. if i need a break i try to do something that is quick. yesterday i took ten minutes to paint my nails (revlon coral me wild to be exact)
  4. go for a walk to get coffee, diet coke or frozen yogurt. it gives me something to look forward to
  5. make dinner and watch a 30 mins show. it's a nice treat to myself
  6. study in groups to bounce ideas off each another
  7. listen to 8tracks (i love covers you'll love)
  8. keep a hot cup of tea or cold diet coke by my side with healthy munchies like carrot sticks or rice cakes to keep me going
  9. turn my phone upside down and on silent for optimal concentration 
  10. avoid facebook as much as is a vortex

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

muted florals

beanie: tna. sweater and leggings: h&m. oxfords: urban outfitters.

happy tuesday everyone

Monday, 16 April 2012

the beauty bar...order up

{into the gloss}
over the last few months i have been developing quite the passion for makeup and products. when i was younger, i would trek over to the local pharmacy, pick up any mascara that was on sale and headed out unfazed my the mundane purchase. but my new interest has given me such a profound wish to know more about what my options are and what truly are the BEST products to purchase. so the research began. my eyes are constantly glued to youtube channels and committed to makeup blogs written by devoted product junkies who know all the best goodies to get your hands on. so when you have done as much research as i have, you should really share your wealth of knowledge....shouldn't you?

blogs i love
youtube channels to check out
  • lisa eldridge: she is the epitomy of class and style in the makeup world
  • pixiwoo: these brits have the cutest little channel and i love to hear their stories
  • sephora: whenever i need to lookup a product price or review, i head here
  • magazines (faves are glamour, harpers bazaar, marie claire, vogue, instyle)
  • pinterest: well obviously
i scour the internet daily for suggestions and tips on what the best investments are. at the moment i am obsessed with french pharmacie products, finding the perfect non-crease concealer and getting my hands on a dewy cream blush for summer. 

products on my lust list to try
so there you have it. a little insight into my world of makeup discoveries. i am always prying and demanding people tell me there favourite finds. let me know if there are any good secrets out there.

Saturday, 14 April 2012


jacket and dress: h&m. cuff: f21. tote: zara. watch: michael kors.
lips: MAC morange. shoes: converse

this lipstick makes me so happy. when i purchased it last summer i brought it home and was like WOOOOOOOO
that is bright. 
now however, i am really loving it with some warmer weather outfits. 

Thursday, 12 April 2012



this spring muted colours are a must. i love a loud print now and then but soft hues of blush and mint make an outfit look so effortless and chic.  
do not forget to head over to long distance loving to check out more spring looks that are inspired by the soft pastels of spring. 

food baby

this past weekend i ate so well i had to share with you some of the spots hit up. subsequent to the 4 day food binge i am attempting to cleanse my body with fruits, salad and water. so instead of indulging in some cake right now i will simply dream of the food i ate at these fabulous places.

1. beer bistro: this is a cute spot for cozy dining. if you like reasonably priced drinks and gourmet food, this is the place to be. this intimate space offers over a hundred different beer, serve mussel bowls by the minute and whip up fries that have been blanched in duck fat....seriously (they are amazing).

2. daybreak: in the heart of downtown is this wacky little diner that has a passion for serving up all day breakfast on the large side. every order on their extensive menu comes with homefries, toast and two pancakes (there are no options). i opted for the eggs benedict (all egg dishes are served in threes) with a hollandaise sauce out of this world. other favourites include freshly squeezed orange juice and belgium waffles.

3. windsor arms: i could not believe that before last week i (alexandra lewis lover of all things british) had never had high tea. and my first experience at the windsor arms hotel in yorkville was more than what i could have hoped for. i enjoyed two pots (yes two) of a chocolate infused black tea along with wasabi cream cheese finger sandwiches and scones with devon cream. such a fun experience to have with girlfriends.

4. springrolls: if you live in toronto you will know this chain i am sure, but the food they serve is far from your stereotypical "chain like" cuisine. creamy pad thai, flaky beef spring rolls the crispiest calamari i have ever bit into filled my belly and made me one happy customer. other dishes to try are their fresh dragon rolls. yumm

so that's it folks. i hope you are all drooling now and rushing off to the fridge this very moment to indulge in something divine. 

also...any londoners have restaurant suggestions for when i make my move? may need some joints to do "blog research" at when i am over there!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

cheers to the weekend

the bunny 

earrings and top: f21. tulle skirt: boutique in barbados

pawty snacks

ice cream birthday cake

delish high tea

exam study food

first exam down. two to go. 
this past weekend was too much fun that i almost forgot i had to come back and study. i am going to at work for the next couple of days and wanted to share my weekend shenanigans with all of you all before then...

wednesday we had a pawwwwwty. there was cake. there were balloons. it was just what this little kid at heart dreamed up. thursday on the other hand was a grown up affair and some chica's and I spent the afternoon at high tea at a beautiful hotel in toronto. friday was a day spent toasting and sipping. my papala (a.k.a dads) flew up and spent a fabulous day downtown toronto that included drinking sauvignon blanc on a sunny patio, shopping for birthday treats and dining at a little bistro (food post obviously must follow). saturday and sunday we just had a little r&r strolling the streets of the city and chowing down on delicious eggs benedict. 

and now its books time 
see you all soon

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

exams are upon us

hi lovelies. my birthday/easter weekend was incredible and i have lots to update you all on soon however for now i have to study as i have my first exam this week. time to stick my nose into those books.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

see ya 21...hello 22

tomorrow is my birthday so i am logging off and spending the weekend with my family and friends.
 happy easter. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

midweek madness

today has been crazy. i have so much to do, so much is about to happen and so much has already been done. to keep you all in the loop, here is what is going down.

1. today was last day of university lectures. it was a bitter sweet day, i am not sure how to feel about it all but what i do know is it was a sweet feeling to hand in my very last paper.
2. my birthday week is now fully underway. tonight is my birthday party (yes like the ones you had when you were 6). everything will be pink and there will be balloons and streamers too. but because i am turning 22 and not 12 there will be grown-up drinks as oppose to cream soda.
3. tomorrow i am off to the city for easter and birthday weekend fun.  i am having high tea at the windsor arms in toronto with some gals then evening drinks with fab friends from home. it just keeps getting better and better.
4. my dad is coming in for my birthday! we are spending the weekend in the city shopping, eating and catching up. i am pretty darn excited.
5. obviously most of this fabulousity will be documented for later posts.


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

product review: tweezerman

so i thought i would do a little product review for you all because one of my favourite personal pass times is to search blogs from good product tips. i thought before any of you decide to go out and invest in these tweezerman badboys, there are a few things you should know. 

i had lost my trustee revlon tweezers and the eyebrow situation was looking grim so i popped over to the drugstore to have a peek at what they had. i had always wanted to try the tweezerman brand but due to their pricetag i never bothered. but that glorious day guess what, fate stepped in and tweezerman tweezers were on sale for the wicked low price of $27.99. now i know what you are thinking, you are saying to yourself that is not cheap ally you are insane. yes i know, however they are originally priced at $30 and i never (ever) see them in leopard (mega bonus) so i snatched them up assured by the sales lady that if i didn't like them i had 30 days for return. but that will never happen because i love them. i do not wax or thread my brows so these have been a dream. they have a sharper edge so it gets a tighter grip on stubborn hairs. it is perfect. i highly recommend that if you don't lose things (its only an investment if you keep them around for a few years) and you like good quality, these are incredible.

Monday, 2 April 2012

birthday lust list

birthday lust list
friday is my birthday and i am turning old. so to comfort myself in this time of ageing i have put together my mini b-day wish list to cheer me right up....and it includes:

1. Paige Denim Super Skinny Jeans, £165- i wear leggings everyday so probably time for some pant version
2. Zara Studded Tote, $159- i have been looking for a studded tote for awhile and i think this one is perfect
3. Zara flat shoes, $50- some new flats for summertime would be the most practical present
4. Kate Spade knot ring, $48- loving little dainty rings and this one is perfect
5. Chanel bronzing powder, $48- this would have to be a present because it is ridiculously expensive
6. Nars blush, $28- looking for a peach blush to keep my cheeks company this summer
7. Lancôme waterproof mascara, $26- i am always keen to try new mascara's and this one has been on my list
8. River Island Studded Leather Shopper, $215- i love this studded bag too, choices choices

so there you have it a little dreaming for a monday to get me through to the end of the week....oh did i mention my last day of my university undergrad is wednesday. no biggie just saying i am almost a grown up person

Sunday, 1 April 2012

april first

it is officially april.
the month of snuggly bunnies and chirping chicks.
get excited