Monday, 11 April 2011

the fun side of working out

athletic slub v-neck workout tee victoria secret $19.50

 adidas no show superlight running socks sportcheck $22.99

pink running hat by underarmour sportcheck $37.99 

reebox easy tone reeattack toning shoe sportcheck $79.99

nike sports bra sportcheck $26.24

victoria secret BPA free water bottles $12.50

lululemon boogie shorts $42.00

getting yourself into workout mode is such a pain. first there is thinking about going to the gym (that you have been paying for since january). then there is making the effort to wake up early and go for the first time in months. then you have to keep going regularly while balancing a nutritious diet, workload, exams and more! the only upside to the beginning of working out is choosing an outfit so i have picked out a couple cute things that are going to help me get through the next few weeks while i attempt to drop a couple pounds and tone up! i will keep you posted on my progress, diet and motivation tips! <3


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