Wednesday, 18 May 2011

why i love to be home

beautiful country living

the casa

my beautiful home equipped with tiberius rex our dog

welcome home

one of our bay leaf trees

yes, we have a cactus

love it even when it rains

i grew up in toronto and moved to barbados when i was 14 years old. my mum is canadian and my father is jamaican/barbadian and i have truly grown up with the best of both worlds. today i live just outside of toronto to go to university for the school months and barbados any other time of the year, so i really consider my father's house my primary home. i love this house. it is an old refurbished pig sty built over 300 years ago when the property was used as a sugar plantation. the walls are made of a thick coral stone, the yard is abundant in fruit and herb trees and the view of the ocean out back is like no other.

ten reasons i love to be home:

1. the lively atmosphere of being at home with family
2. the copious amounts of sauvignon blanc that fill the wine rack (thanks daddy)
3. the sound of the rain pounding on the galvanized roof while i am sleeping
4. sitting by the bonfire out back
5. the constant sound of the food network on in the background (gotta love barefoot contessa)
6. a fully equipped kitchen for whipping up meals
7. the smell of onions being caramelized by my dad
8. the sound of crickets and frogs on an evening
9. the cows in the field next-door
10. sit down dinners every single night


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