Wednesday, 29 June 2011

and then we went shopping

so we went to MAC (for two hours)....

and bought beautiful summer "essentials"

morange and lustering lipstick with lychee luxe lipgloss

dollymix blush and goldenrod eyeshadow

face fix and vibrancy eye primer (so pretty)

that's a wrap 
my girlie hannah, from here, and i went to MAC yesterday just to get some essentials....concealer, powder the ususal....but those things are not that fun to go and buy. you know what's fun to buy?? yellow eyeshadow. so thankfully they were out of stock of my concealer and i went to town on all the fun things! i love MAC mostly because their products are hypo-allergenic and i have highly sensitive skin so i really appreciate products that cater to my poor skin's needs! check out their website here <3


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