Tuesday, 7 June 2011

it's WOKing for me

finely chopped veggies
stir fry
delicious veg
 i really like a good stir fry! this recipe, like most of my others, was thrown together spur the moment while trying to prepare a healthy dinner for my dad and i. in barbados you really have to cook with what is in the supermarkets. plenty of local ingredients are available so i think, although i do miss the extensive selection in canada, it is good to support the local farmers and cook with barbadian produce. as for the stir fry itself, the only thing that makes it unique is that all the veg is super finely chopped which i prefer to large chunks. so here is my healthy stir fry inspired by local veggies!


  • one eggplant 
  • one bok choy
  • large handful of baby carrots
  • one onion
  • one bunch of chives
  • one green pepper 
  • pepper to taste
  • two tbsp olive oil
  • lots of soy sauce
  • two tbsp oyster sauce
  • two cloves of garlic crushed
chop all of the vegetables small and in cubes and leave to the side while you start heating up a wok on med to high heat with the olive oil. when the oil is hot, throw in the crushed garlic and chopped onions. wait until they are lightly browned then throw in all the rest of the vegetables and let them cook. when they are all cooked (soft, tender and wilted) add the soya sauce and oyster sauce. let the sauce settle and then add the pepper at the end! serve hot hot hot <3


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