Thursday, 14 July 2011

the remodel

new nautical living room

favourite print i found

custom made console table designed by father

rustic chair from bali


new kitchen

travertine subway tiles

under mount lighting

gotta accessorize 
this summer we re-decorated and renovated our living room and kitchen. several trips to fabric shops and tiling places were necessary to complete the look of our new space, and though it was tedious, it was certainly worth it now that we can relax and enjoy both rooms. the colour palate and fabric choices as well as the cabinet's colour (i wanted white obviously) were all a matter of compromise between the boss and i. i may have been the designer but dad was footing the bill so i had to give in some areas however i got my way (and changed his mind) on a lot of ideas including the subway tiles, floral throw cushions and piping on the navy arm chairs! love the rooms and am still keeping an eye open for some accessories!


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