Tuesday, 30 August 2011

the closet

my teeny tiny cupboard

thank goodness for some shelving

heels mainly aldo and zara

shoes are always a mix from michael kors to primark in england

latest addition is a beth & tracie maxi

closet staples are.....


textured pieces


 i am constantly reading articles in magazines entitled something like"what is your signature style" and i have realized i do not really identify to any specific category. i am not classic, romantic, bohemian or trendy alone. i am such a mix of all styles and truthfully i simply pick out what i like and not what i think is definable. however, if i did identify as anything it would be as a lover of patterns because if there is anything that i do consistently, it is that i pick up everything that has a pretty print. so this is a little sneak peak into my super colourful closet. enjoy <3


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