Wednesday, 31 August 2011

falling for fall at h&m

stripe sweater

lace blouse

black crepe dress

lace dress

leg warmers

wrist warmers

braided headband

leather tote

more wrist warmers

pompom hat

bow hair clip
i am going to continue with more on my love of fall today. truthfully, the sad thing is, that i have already started my online window shopping for fall clothes. in august. in barbados. oh my that is sad. but online browsing prepares me....and my ever fearsome wallet....for the items that need to be purchased. h&m always has reasonably priced and trendy things that i just can't get enough of. here is my wishlist......and i haven't even seen what is in the shops and not online! bad start considering i have books to buy! 


  1. i went in today.. so much nice stuff!
    bought this blazer

  2. i love that blazer! elbow patches are my fave xxxx