Friday, 26 August 2011

friday favourites

multiple stools around an island

fall heels

copper light fixtures 

blue cabinets

a touch of sparkle

chunky knit scarfs 

elbow patches

camel clutch

knit dress with printed tights

oversized sweaters

quote to live by

leopard shoes? who is with me

it is friday! this week was packed full of end of summer treats. dinner parties, nights out, beach days, skype dates, casual coffee's, you name it i did it. was so lovely to see all my friends though because before you know it, we will all be back at school or work at opposite ends of the globe. so have to soak up all the love i can get from them before i leave for uni. 
unfortunately i have also had incredible insomnia since last week and feel a little sleepy! hopefully i can rest up soon to prepare for a full weekend with the family. 
happy weekend!

images via pinterest and weheartit 


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