Tuesday, 13 September 2011

fashion anarchy

sweater vintage, t-shirt american apparel, scarf h&m, leggings h&m, beret urban outfitters, watch michael kors, bracelet tiffany and co

i know i have been lagging in outfit posts (mainly due to lack of finding a willing photographer) so i thought i would pull up a couple pictures of an outfit from last fall taken by mcmaster universities fashion blog "fashion anarchy". this particular morning i was late....i mean super late for lecture so i literally put on anything big and comfy (hence all the chunky knits upon knits) and bolted out the door, only to realize after i ran to school that i actually had a few moments to spare. so i went to grab a diet coke (what else) and was stopped at the entrance. a fashion blogger wanted to take my picture. WHAT? at this point i had on no makeup, had not even thought of putting a comb through my hair and wasn't really sure what i was wearing? none the less she took it and it is kind of funny because this is sort of how i always dress for fall. leggings, chunky knit sweaters, long scarfs, a beret and tall boots (i had on some hunter riding boots this day). so there you have it. this is me on the go!


  1. This outfit screams "cozy fall day" love that big scarf.

  2. thanks lara! checked out your blog and i love the look of that zucchini carrot bread!! xxx

  3. You look adorable! So warm and perfect for fall!