Saturday, 24 September 2011

i think i want a cape

the truth is, when it comes to fall, i have two obsessions. one is boots and the other is coats. or in this case capes. i absolutely love different coats or thick sweaters that bundle you up on chilly days. but what i have been seriously eyeing recently though is a cape. mainly because i have never owned a cape (that has to be a valid excuse as to why i my closet needs one) and another is because i have always had a thing for equestrian wear like riding boots, panelled leggings, elbow patched sweaters the question is should i invest in this american apparel wool cape? and if so which colour...leaning toward the camel (so yummy). when i go shopping over thanksgiving (yippee tons of recipes to come) i shall try it on and let you know what i decide on. 
saving pennies starting yesterday!