Thursday, 15 September 2011

memories of home

it has been really hard to be away from home and boyfriend since being back at school but all i need is a little memory (like this one) to cheer me right back up again. when the puppies were little, we had them in our little courtyard outback so they wouldn't wander off into the cow fields, as they attempted to do on several occasions. but during the night, they would get so restless and howl and wail for us to come give them lovings. this particular morning (it was like 6am) they were so loud that boyfriend swooped them up and brought them into bed with me. SURPRISE. they played for a bit then they plunked right down next to us and took a snooze. all they wanted to do was sleep with us like little babies!! 
they were so little and excitable back then. can't believe how much time i am going to miss watching them grow while over here in maple syrup land.