Wednesday, 28 September 2011

sparkle on

oh kate 

i need this in my life for christmas

i have been having quite to sparkletastic week on my pinterest. unconsciously i have been pining all things glittery with only one simple explanation that i can think of as a reasonable excuse and that is that sparkle is simply perfect. a touch of sparkle makes everyone happy!
also if you are looking for something sparkly to stumble on for the day check out sequins and stripes! i think she is just adorable over there!


  1. Sooo cute!!! I just want to bathe in glitter lol

  2. Oh my goodness I almost have all of these things on my "glitter" pinterest board haha. sparkles and glitter are my absolute fave :)

  3. @Sara B
    sara! thanks so much i am so glad someone just as obsessed as me! i just popped over to your blog! i love it just became a follower!