Thursday, 22 September 2011

vermicelli noodle stir fry

one of my first vegan (vegan is just easier if you are not eating gluten or dairy) recipes that i whipped up this week was a rice noodle stir fry. simple basic and delicious. i have to say now that it is day four, i am not finding it too bad the whole avoidance thing and i am actually enjoying getting creative with my food!

  • vermicelli rice noodles (two bunches)
  • one cup chopped cabbage
  • half a zucchini 
  • one half spanish red pepper
  • one half an onion
  • one cup firm tofu (marinate it in gluten free soy sauce first for good flavour)
  • ample gluten free soy sauce, salt pepper 
  • two tbsp of a stir fry sauce (i used orange and ginger)
sauté onions in a frying pan or wok until tender with salt and pepper. add all chopped vegetables until slightly soft on a medium heat. whilst this is cooking let the noodles cook in a bowl of boiling water for five minutes then drain. add noodles and chopped tofu to pan with soy and stir fry sauce stirring often on a medium high heat. voila! tasty food without the animal bi-products! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, this looks so tasty (and healthy)!