Thursday, 27 October 2011


hello my blogging beauties. well i would just like you all to know, if you already are not familiar with them, that i am a member of chictopia which is a site were fashionistas can post photos of there outfits and really get them out there for other bloggers to oogle at. it is a bit like lookbook but i find it a bit more amateur which i like (not really professional yet!). anyways if you are interested click on my chictopia button to the right and you can follow me or just check out other fashion bloggers if you like to peak at the style of other chicks. 
also, on another note i just want to thank all the followers of my blog. i had my highest amount of hits yesterday and i was so happy. eeeeeek. if you look at my blog (and i know you do because you're looking at it right now!) and want to show some love, just click on the google "follow" button on the right and sign up with a google or yahoo account or with your twitter! it just takes a second if you don't already have one and you can use your existing e-mail!

thanks everyone for your support! 


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