Tuesday, 4 October 2011

gluten and dairy free diet week three

im not sure how much longer we can be friends....
so yesterday marked my third week into this dairy and gluten free diet...however i may have had a slip...it is just a possibility that at the gallery cafe on saturday, i may have had a sandwich due to pure starvation (and lack of enticing gluten free menu options). however it was sort of a blessing in disguise because after i ate it....i felt fine. great actually. so i thought to myself hmmmmmm how about i call this week experimentation week....meaning that i will slowly and carefully monitor how my body reacts to small doses of gluten and dairy. so that is what this week is called. i will be experimenting with gluten and dairy to see how my body reacts because let's be serious, i don't really want to be without either delicious ingredient forever. so my intolerant body and i had to make a compromise. for this week i bought goat cheese (sometimes it is generally just cows milk products people react to so this may be a good substitute), some pretzels and rye bread. its a slow start i am not going to dive into a bowl of mac n cheese or anything just yet but i will keep you informed and on that note here are some of my reactions thus far.

  • cafe blt sandwich went down well with no reactions to report
  • sunday bagel with lite cream cheese went down badly....heartburn for hours after....not cool 
  • a starbucks lactose free hot mocha seemed to agree with moi.....but 7 dollars spent at starbucks for one of those fall beverages did not agree with my wallet
let's see how this week goes shall we??


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