Saturday, 15 October 2011

a weekend spent in books

although i procrastinated as long as possibly could, i cannot leave it any longer. this weekend i had to get into my 30 mins presentation on the alexander mosaic which is due monday. yes it is a beautiful piece and yes i am excited to know more about it but no i am not excited about giving a presentation and no i am not excited about writing a 20 page paper on it later this month. so this saturday night, i am not out partying it up like most of the rest of uni students. i am listening to the saturday night oldies radio show, brewing copious amounts of tea, getting distracted (a lot) and waiting until i feel the slightest bit tired so i can convince myself that i have worked as long as my tired body will allow's getting to be that time soon. tomorrow i will be venturing to the library in order to limit the amount of distractions in my life. i think perhaps i will need to invest in the pillow above however to give myself a little break here and there. maybe i will get one for final exams! 
feeling hot hot hot just came on...time for a short dance session to stretch my legs then sleepy xxx

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  1. That is a really cool pillow! Maybe I should invest in one,too :)