Wednesday, 23 November 2011

snip snaps

my new little elephant teapot

best house mates picked this up for me on a supermarket sweet

home before the cold came and blew all the colour away

til next fall
some of may fave pic from the last few weeks. the teapot will be host to all the warm teas i will consuming this winter. the calendar is a reminder that there are only 9 school days left, that means the end of the year is approaching and i will need to be putting up my new calendar very soon. the trees are from before winter came. i will look at these with fond memories when it is -20 outside in January. 


  1. Omigosh that teapot is AMAZING! I LOVE it! Where did you get it from? I must have one.

  2. @Natasha Simpson *hey tasha! i got it at a little boutique kitchen shop in hamilton! but i think jonathan adler does one:)