Thursday, 8 December 2011

me a to z

this is like one of those quizzes you used to have to fill out when you were in elementary school. i saw it on all you need is love and since i am having a foggybloggy thursday so i thought i would give it a go...and if any of you decide to try it let me know!

a. age- 21 
b. bed size- i have a queen but would love a king one day
c. chore that you hate- washing dishes. i will clean the entire kitchen and leave a stack of dishes
d. dogs- i have three. two bullmastiff-ridgebacks names k.d and nya and my tiberius rex miss them all. but i can't wait to get my english bulldog
e. essential start to your day- blogging! i roll over pick up my comp and blog most days just because of the way my classes are. everyday the internet is like a whole new world with updates.
f. favourite colour- pink, but i am pretty much a fan of them all
g. gold or silver- gold all the way
h. height- 5'7
i. instrument you play- unfortunately i don't. i played piano for two years and never got past book two! super talented child here. 
j. job title- full time university student and part-time nanny (so lucky)
k. kids- love them but not for the moment
l. live- born in toronto, raised in barbados, in hamilton for university- i am international one might say
m. mother's name- joanne a.k.a mothera, mummy, mom
n. nicknames-  well if you all would really like to know my real name is alexandra (surprise) so my nickname is ally. others include al, aliana, als, babel, babs, alibabs, lew, bear, and various others from boyfriend that i will not embarrass him with
o. overnight hospital stays- almost. i am anaphylactic and had an episode but left at ten
p. pet peeves- subtitles. i find them ridiculously distracting
q. quote from a movie- "come what may, i will love you until my dying day". yes it is cheesy but i re-watch that part from moulin rouge over and over sometimes. 
r. right or left handed- righty
s. siblings- 3 sisters. taylor 24, rebecca 18, isabella 12
t. time it takes you to get ready- i actually surprise myself at how quick i am. i don't think it has ever taken me more than 15-20 mins. unless i am having a clothing crisis then it could take hours.
u. underwear- i am so boring with underwear. neutral, cotton with a touch of lace. overall comfy and pretty. that is all. 
v. vegetable you hate- i love them raw i will eat them WHOLE but i really don't like cooked mushrooms. i have tried so hard to like them because i love all vegetables but i just don't like the texture of soggy mushrooms.
w. what makes you run late- picking out an outfit. like i said it could take hours. 
x. x-rays- so many cannot count. broke my arm once, spine x-ray, toe x-ray 
y. yummy food you make- i make artichoke dip that is kind of my go to. i also make sushi. love homemade sushi. 
z. zoo animal- polar bears or panda bears. i have a thing for bears obviously.
well that is all, wow that was very self reflexive. hope you have a fab day and if you are in the toronto area, hope you are just as excited as i am for snow tomorrow.


  1. I LOVE Moulin Rouge, and especially that scene!

  2. HAHA, love the bio. Funny and cute. I am from Trinidad