Tuesday, 6 December 2011

things i am loving lately

  1. the big bang theory because it literally makes me laugh out loud...great for study breaks 
  2. advent calendars because they are the best way to countdown to christmas
  3. my amazing art history chickees who give me christmas cards and accompany me on library study dates and bowling alley adventures 
  4. the dictionary app i recently discovered on my comp...also thanks to a result of a library study dates
  5. 9:35 pm snack dates with schemms (aka nextdoor house mate) sipping diet cokes out of halloween cups because we are too lazy to wash the stack of dishes in our sink
  6. HUGE wooly socks/slippers that keep my toesies cold in my oddly insulated student house
  7. blogging...for getting me through the late night study sessions and various papers 
  8. the radio for playing all christmas music all the time...amen to that
  9. my new CHI serum that smells divine and tends to my recently trimmed hair 
  10. last but not least my skype for providing me with constant communication with the ones i love 
it snowed last night...so happy about that too!

1 comment:

  1. i love the artsy shot of my christmas card. very posh. :)