Tuesday, 13 December 2011

wrap my legs up

plain yellow tights

wolford polka dots 

sheer pattern tights

bondage tights

super suspender tights

hansel kneepad tights

crystal back seam tights
another day, another distraction! i am reading up on roman floor mosaics (as most everyone does on a tuesday) and am completely preoccupied by online christmas shopping. one thing that i have been lusting after are fun tights. these are a few from asos that i would love to add to my collection. 


  1. I love fun tights. I feel like they can make a look so finished and sexy too! Good picks

  2. so cute! I love the polka dots and lace cut outs! knee pads are awesome too.

  3. @Sara Bsara thanks for stopping by! love following you over at glitter and grace xxx

  4. The polka dots one is soooo cute, love it!!

  5. adorable post!i i love tights! and these are fab!

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