Tuesday, 31 January 2012

product haul

michael kors envelope wallet

michael kors blinged out makeup bag

amazing eye concealer 

moccasin bedroom slippers

new deep conditioner and incredible body cream

new book i have been dying to read
every time i watch product hauls on youtube from makeup gurus they always get me excited! so i thought i would do a little one myself of a few things that are new to me from over the last few weeks.
more to come....didn't want to show off all the goods at once


  1. Ahem... Please re-read your number 6 from your resolutions post madame! Love the wallet though! Was looking at one for myself just last week.

    1. oh hannah you are on top your game! fortunately for me these were all presents from the rents...i am sneaky that way xox

    2. I see I see. You are forgiven :)