Wednesday, 11 January 2012

it is a new year

i know i am a few days late but i think it is important...absolutely vital share your new year resolutions with a vast audience so that you actually feel obligated to do them so not to let the public down. thus i have a made up a somewhat realistic list of things that i would like to accomplish this year. here it goes.

  1. overall i think you must put yourself into a mindset for a new year. this year i would like to be generally a more positive and patient person. happy people attract happy people. enough said. subsequently i think that no person can have too much patience especially in a world that is so instant and demanding. amen to that. 
  2. i would love to master the art of indian cooking. i have yet to make (from scratch) my own curry sauce or roti skin so this year i would like to learn. tips and pointers welcome from any of you who may have conquered this cuisine.
  3. routine. don't you just love this word. it means order and organization and energy and all sorts of other good stuff. this year, i would like to reconfigure my schedule to resemble some sort of routine. yes that would be nice. first step is to buy an agenda.
  4. healthy is how i would like to feel this year. i would love to try and eat less from packages and wrappers. yes this includes my beloved diet coke. i want to cut back on foods that are full of preservatives and focus on ones that are whole and healthy. maybe i will even see the inside of my gym this year too? would love to at least try a pilates or zumba class. i hear they are amazing and once you get into a ROUTINE you stay in one. perfect i say. 
  5. this is the year of travelling. i am graduating university this year (when did that happen?) and i am going to stop being such a wuss and try to get out there more. even if i don't have friends to do it with me. in the weeks to come i will share some of the places i plan on venturing to!
  6. this year i need to start being a saver. after graduation i will not be returning home so i have to be aware, like really aware, of my spending habits. i love to shop and i love fashion so it will be a challenge but i have to start thinking about savings in a long term sense. i think they call that being a grown-up but i am not sure. 
  7. less television this year please. with the internet so quick to download just about every television series imaginable, i find myself on many occasions in a daze in front of my comp watching absolute rubbish about rich women discussing botox and feather hair extensions. i must stop this at once and open up a book unrelated to school or something. 
so there you have it folks. if you catch me doing anything i am not suppose to be doing (like blogging about all the shoes i bought one weekend or the 12 litres of diet coke i drank one evening) then just write me a little comment and say STOP IT. 

happy new year all.

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