Wednesday, 29 February 2012

long days of travel

hotel room that saved our life
on monday i travelled back to school with my sister and her boyfriend after a week spent at home. to say the least it was the most adventure i had ever had on a layover (nine hours at miami airport) and here are a few things that we did. 

  • we waited in several irrelevant lines
  • to pass the time we laughed at funny people including a women checking in her french bulldog with little coverage over her breasts and a platinum card member ranting about the lack of customer service for people who are as fancy as he is
  • we brushed up on our spanish 
  • we were so tired we checked into the airport hotel for 5 hours just to sleep in a bed (best money spent)
  • we watched cheaters before we fell asleep. i forgot how hilarious that show is
  • we ate at chili's not once but twice and consumed copious amounts of fajitas and burger bites
  • i contemplated buying uggs to save my poor sore feet
  • we walked an estimated 1200 miles 
all in all many memories were made xoxo 


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