Wednesday, 21 March 2012

lately i am loving

i get into these obsessions every so often. i find a song that plays on repeat for days. i stumble across a new blog to read from the beginning. i come across an article that puts a smile on my face. so i thought i would share a little list of the things i am currently wrapped up in.

  • i watch this stunning lady all the time. her voice is so soothing and i love the way she applies make up. i am definitely turning into a product junkie
  • i am constantly looking at this tote. i go back to shopbop daily just to check up on it
  • i really want to try these out to see if they would actually create some curl on my head
  • a new blog that i am lusting over. i love her header
  • there is still good in the world. a happy read about jk. rowling
  • this is the show that i cannot wait to sit down to every sunday
  • this channel is always playing my new favourite new artist


  1. That's the cutest pic ever! thanks for the intro to that blog, can't wait to peruse around it!

  2. that blog look fab and i love the header too -- really pretty :) xx

  3. Coming over from style notes! Love your blog! You had me at the kitty picture! xoxo A-

    1. thanks so much eloquent english for stopping by! saw you on fancy friday today great look xoxo

  4. so cute!