Thursday, 15 March 2012

london's calling: i am moving

so i have been keeping a secret from you all and it's a big one. i have been waiting for the right moment  but it always seemed too premature but i cannot wait any longer. here it is. 
i am moving to london
yes it is true, the ruffled lace is going across the pond. i am following the newly relocated boyfriend and my dream of living in my absolute favourite city to start my post university career (more details on my job application process to come). it has been in the works for some time now however yesterday my visa application process officially started and today boyfriend set off to the land of tea and crumpets to start a new job (proud lady over here) so it seemed as good a time as any. 
in preparation of my new move i have been doing oh so much research. looking up jobs, ooogling dream neighbourhoods and following this funny lady admiring how she copes with being an expat living in the uk. of course i am excited but i would be lying if i said i wasn't a tad scared out of my knickers (also started using new lingo). the boyfriend is part brit so he is all set but i will struggle. guaranteed. 
so here we go. the blog will be filled with all sorts of fun english themed posts from here on out and you all will be able to see this me blossom (hopefully) into a true brit! 
oh the fun we will have

 things i love about london already....
  1. tea. i love tea of all kinds but a hot cup of red rose one sugar one milk....yummmm
  2. the balmy weather. i may be eating my words later however i love the rain
  3. pubs. i think pub culture is fantastic. it doesn't hurt that they serve guinness on tap either
  4. museums. i am dreaming of getting lost on a saturday in the v&a and the national gallery
  5. the lingo. like i said i have already started and i try to say loo now. it's a start
things i am not so fond of
  1. location. i am not fond of the fact that london is 8 hours from a little place called home. tear
  2. the pound. holy hanna london is expensive! i'm saving my nannying dollars so maybe i will be ok
  3. manual driving. now i have my license for a standard car but that doesn't mean i wanna drive one
  4. the tube. let's just put this lightly, the nightmares have already started
  5. kraft dinner. i have heard rumours that KD does not frequent the groceries over there. not good

p.s anyone out there ever moved across the pond before?


  1. That is so exciting! Talk about having a lot of fashion to blog about :)

  2. I'll send you some KD :) Or a very "canadian" care-package

  3. Ahh yey, this is very exciting! I lived in London for a while and I promise, the tubes will get easier really quickly :) Looking forward to your Brit inspired posts and please please keep us/me posted on your visa/job application... I need advice as I'm currently trying to move my American boy to England. Love, Sam xx

    1. i am getting an ancestry visa (grans was born in london) is that an option for you??? will let you know if i hear of anything else xxxxx

  4. How exciting! London is fab :)

    Laura xo

  5. yay!! how exciting!! i lived in london for a month in college and fell in LOVE!! :)