Monday, 16 April 2012

the beauty bar...order up

{into the gloss}
over the last few months i have been developing quite the passion for makeup and products. when i was younger, i would trek over to the local pharmacy, pick up any mascara that was on sale and headed out unfazed my the mundane purchase. but my new interest has given me such a profound wish to know more about what my options are and what truly are the BEST products to purchase. so the research began. my eyes are constantly glued to youtube channels and committed to makeup blogs written by devoted product junkies who know all the best goodies to get your hands on. so when you have done as much research as i have, you should really share your wealth of knowledge....shouldn't you?

blogs i love
youtube channels to check out
  • lisa eldridge: she is the epitomy of class and style in the makeup world
  • pixiwoo: these brits have the cutest little channel and i love to hear their stories
  • sephora: whenever i need to lookup a product price or review, i head here
  • magazines (faves are glamour, harpers bazaar, marie claire, vogue, instyle)
  • pinterest: well obviously
i scour the internet daily for suggestions and tips on what the best investments are. at the moment i am obsessed with french pharmacie products, finding the perfect non-crease concealer and getting my hands on a dewy cream blush for summer. 

products on my lust list to try
so there you have it. a little insight into my world of makeup discoveries. i am always prying and demanding people tell me there favourite finds. let me know if there are any good secrets out there.


  1. I love the MUFE HD powder in the pic! I'm also dying to try the new BB cream from smashbox!

    1. i have heard so much about BB cream! let me know how it works out:)

  2. Love the top image - I wish I was that organized! Lisa Eldridge is fabulous :)

    Laura xo

  3. I need something like the picture above to organize my makeup!! I'm going to start going on these blogs to learn! haha xo Love this!