Tuesday, 3 April 2012

product review: tweezerman

so i thought i would do a little product review for you all because one of my favourite personal pass times is to search blogs from good product tips. i thought before any of you decide to go out and invest in these tweezerman badboys, there are a few things you should know. 

i had lost my trustee revlon tweezers and the eyebrow situation was looking grim so i popped over to the drugstore to have a peek at what they had. i had always wanted to try the tweezerman brand but due to their pricetag i never bothered. but that glorious day guess what, fate stepped in and tweezerman tweezers were on sale for the wicked low price of $27.99. now i know what you are thinking, you are saying to yourself that is not cheap ally you are insane. yes i know, however they are originally priced at $30 and i never (ever) see them in leopard (mega bonus) so i snatched them up assured by the sales lady that if i didn't like them i had 30 days for return. but that will never happen because i love them. i do not wax or thread my brows so these have been a dream. they have a sharper edge so it gets a tighter grip on stubborn hairs. it is perfect. i highly recommend that if you don't lose things (its only an investment if you keep them around for a few years) and you like good quality, these are incredible.


  1. I love Tweezerman! I have one myself! and for a girl with bushy european eyebrows haha it works wonders for when I cannot get to the salon to get them waxed/threaded! Love this product review miss ally! xo

  2. i've been eyeing these for the longest time!! i might have to take the pluge and invest in some :) thanks for the review!!