Sunday, 29 April 2012

sunday funday

my weekend activities have been rather productive so i thought i would share with you all what i have been upto....

  • my blog is naked. yes i have stripped her bare until i think of something new to do with her. i want a fresh look soon but until then she will remain in her birthday suit
  • i am moving from my beloved student room to the room next door for the rest of the month. i have been packing, sorting, vacuuming, purging and reminiscing about all the good times i had in here. these four walls that contain the memories from my last two years at school will soon belong to someone new. oh the trauma.
  • since classes ended a couple weeks ago i have been wanting to keep busy with activities that won't turn my university nurtured mind into mulch (caution: the real housewives is detrimental to your intelligence...proceed with caution). so last night i was turned onto ted talks. i stayed up until 3am watching videos that made me laugh, cry and become inspired. this was my favourite.
  • i am trying to make the most of my last month in canada. while still being conscientious and saving my pennies for my upcoming trip i have been keen to do some quintessential canadian activities. yesterday i went to the farmers market (purchases include a delish coffee and fresh grapefruits) and then i took a  trip to my uni's museum (mcmaster has a monet, rembrandt and goya just fyi art lovers). to end the day i quite happily polished off a few glasses of sangria. my recipe is cheap red wine (merlot is best) ginger ale and slices of grapefruit with ice. its pretty lip-smackingly good. 
  • and finally the job hunt has begun. i am going to be scrutinizing the internet constantly for suitable london jobs and from this week i have to start seriously considering the application process...seriously. 
happy workweek lovelies

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  1. yummy! will have to try out this recipe ; )

    xo SideSmile,