Monday, 14 May 2012

at the moment...

i would have simply done a post stating "how much do you love this photo?" but i thought i would add a little update for you lovelies (on a serious note i need this ridiculous)

at the moment i am at work. i am taking every shift possible before i embark on my trip to italy next thursday and it is worth every moment of wiping stinky bums and drying up crocodile tears. i can taste the spaghetti on my lips, hear the chattering of italian in the background and smell the produce at the markets. it is so close. 

on another note my travel plans have slightly changed, rather been enhanced, and i am heading off to paris for four or so days after i finish up in rome to see the old boyfriend. i did not mention this earlier but he started a 3 month work placement in the middle east (oh joy) for business and thus will not be in london when i arrive after my trip. so we are making the best of it and meeting up for a long weekend in the city of love. the plan is not to plan and just enjoy the days walking around doing nothing maybe perusing some museums but mostly just keeping it simple. 

ciao xoxo


  1. great photo and you're trip will be magical! i hope you have a love story to tell us all when you return from Paris ;)


  2. Ha you are hysterical! I can relate to this photo today! On another note, thank you so much for the lovely comment over at The Jem Journal this past weekend! I am your newest follower and would love for you stop back and follow me as well, if you like. Have a great week!

  3. Paris and Italy sound like the perfect plan. Rome is heavenly and there is a lot to see and EAT there :) Have a wonderful time! x

  4. The title of that book made me LOL! xoxo A-