Friday, 18 May 2012

do you believe in the quarter life crisis?

hello i'm confused
do you believe in the quarter life crisis? as a recent university graduate i often find myself sort of floating around with that blissful feeling of invincibility. i have a degree, plenty of ambition to do something big and the mindset that it will happen. eventually. and what is that exactly...well that's the minor hiccup. while i am floating around in my little head some people have the audacity to burst my naive bubble and ask the dreaded question thousands of young adults cringe to what are you going to do with your life? eeek? ummm? ahhh? that is such a profound and personal question to ask just about anyone. i usually put on a smiley face and say well i am still looking around, but deep down, i am just as interested in the answer to that question as the interrogator. the thing is there are just so many bloody options aren't there? i feel like that is such an elitist way to look at things but our generation has, for the most part, been raised to believe that they can do pretty much anything they want to do. my problem is that i want to a little bit of everything. i once read that the average person has at least three major careers in their lifetime. how does one plan for that? can you plan? i think the most obvious thing to do is settle on one area and really critically study what about that industry you like the most. this is as far as i got to narrowing down my options.

career possibilities that ally lewis has pondered over the last year:

  • professional student a.k.a masters
  • first grade teacher 
  • make-up artist (thanks lisa eldridge for making it look oh so glamourous)
  • caterer 
  • curatorial assistant at the national gallery london or v&a
  • social media expert for fashion company
  • assistant fashion buyer
  • au pair 
  • had a moment of insanity and considered law school
  • professional blogger
  • bridal consultant as a result of saturating myself with multiple episodes of say yes to the dress

all that is missing from that list is an astronaut. oh all the questions that need answering. all that i know for sure at this moment is that i am officially moving to london on august 24th (mini wave), i have an amazing job lined up for the summer after a month in europe and i think instead of worrying about addressing this quarter life crisis fandango, i am just going to go back and be a teenager for the next couple of months. maybe that will help. 

diane von furnstenberg once said "i did not know what i wanted to do but i knew the woman i wanted to be". amen to that dvf.


  1. Don't worry :) You have plenty of time to decide! I only came home 2years ago, got a job and then quit to start back studying... the truth is your always going to miss your student years of freedom & sleeping in!! So take advantage of your summer and enjoy the journey ahead!!

  2. Amen to the comment above! Take advantage of your summer! Real person life is tough! No sleeping in and the chance to skip class haha

  3. DVF had it right. Just this week I posted on my goal and my, how they have changed since I started a family. When I was 22 I knew I wanted to teach, but didnt know that after 5 years of doing such, I would be happy as a stay at home mom. Follow your heart and the rest will work out!

  4. I definitely feel you here... and can definitely relate to the quarter life crisis! So glad I found your blog... I'm your newest follower :)

    1. thanks allison glad to have you aboard xx

  5. I think we all feel like we are going through a crisis during monumental moments... For example, graduating HS, college, getting a jobs, getting married, having kids, buying a house? All of those crazy grown-up things. As far as a job goes, don't base it on the money, base it on your happiness. Money makes life easier (sometimes), but it doesn't create happiness that's for sure. Find a job that everyday you LOVE to go to and are excited about! You have a passion for. That's something I didn't do, b/c I was "forced" into going to a real college, not art school......... Anyways, you'll figure it out pray about it! xoxo

  6. Sometimes it's overwhelming when you start to think of where all of your life choices will lead you... but so far they have led you to some pretty amazing places... and remember you're not really the one with the compass! God has a plan and you're preparing for those career options without even knowing it :)

  7. Life is after all an experiment to carry.and this is the time to go wrong and them make amends. Glad to see you are taking life practically.
    Just joined ur blog