Wednesday, 9 May 2012

holiday hair

a quick bobby pin to the side is chic and great if you have a slight wave to your hair

braids are perfect for an everyday look. this fishtail is a surprisingly easy one to try out

a fishtail to the back...perfect

this boho look will be great with a flowy dress while visiting museums

i despise those throw on the top of your head messy buns. these are way more flattering

chic messy pony

a high pony is great with shades and a slouchy top

i am leaving for italy in two weeks! 

and i am not bringing any hair tools on my trip ie: no straightener, curling iron or blow dryer for the fear that they will blow up (due to voltage converting issues).
so i have been dreaming up some effortlessly beautiful hair do's that i can try over there.

things to consider:
1. i have super long hair so leave in conditioner or moroccan oil is a must
2. even if i want a "messy look" i don't want to look messy


  1. I love these hair styles! Especially the one with the braid on the side. Totally know what you mean, when I went to London and Pairs I didnt have a straightner or curler. And when we did try to use one it smoked!!!
    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :)

    1. would love to follow each other! i just checked out your posts..ummm we have quite a few of the same things:) looks like this will be a good match xx

  2. such a great inspiration-post :D
    i really like the boho-look
    so adorable
    xoxo ;*