Monday, 9 July 2012

hi there computer

getting lost in paris

the sweetest bon voyage card 

making wishes

coming back from england

hi there lovelies. i thought i would do a little update for you all on what i have been doing for the last few weeks that has kept me from my computer...

i came home a couple weeks ago from london and it has been wonderfully quiet ever since. the jet lag has me on the most blissful sleep schedule (falling asleep at approximately 9:30pm after a chapter or two of 50 shades of grey) and i am soaking up all the sun i can get. i dove straight into work last week and am taking it easy in the evening. 
busy catching up on my fave blogs and thought i would say hello.
see you soon


  1. so glad you had a great time! how are you liking 50 shades of grey? i've heard it's addictive! hope you enjoy relaxing at home!!