Thursday, 14 April 2011

ahoy to galley kitchens

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so my dad is renovating our kitchen this summer, fingers crossed, and i am looking for some design inspirations to spice up our country galley kitchen. it is a long space but quite open to the house so i want something that flows, and is white OF COURSE. here are a few ideas. still working on a colour scheme for dishes and linens though, always ten steps ahead of everything <3

a few rules for designing a kitchen

1. a fridge must always be built into the cabinetry. stand alone fridges look like an afterthought
2. you must always do a backsplash. such an unfinished look without them
3. always leave counter space beside your stove top. convenient for cutting
4. going with a porous countertop can prove to be a big and expensive mistake
5. remember a kitchen is a place of congregation. make as much room as you can for socializing

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