Thursday, 14 April 2011

what i REALLY want to be eating

i just finished a salad for late lunch. i mixed it up with some fresh mushrooms, sunflower seeds, extra light goat cheese, orange peppers and some grilled chicken. topped with balsamic it was quite tasty. note to self to take pics next week. hid my camera so NOT to be distracted in exams. however this is not really what i want to be eating. what i really want to be eating is this delicious looking penne dish from a sofa in the kitchen a blog that my cousin di follows. when i have a moment of weakness it will be to make this with EXTRA pancetta <3


  1. why is pasta such a weakness... by far my favorite comfort food!
    the salad sounds lovely though! x

  2. I hope that when you make this, you like it, I surely did! your salad sounds delish! x