Monday, 30 May 2011

the secrets hidden within a handbag

my bag 
everyone woman has a ton of things in her handbag. makeup, money, pocketbooks etc....i am always curious to know what people are packing so to start here are a few things in my day to day bag. what's in your bag????

1. coach wristlet filling in for the perfect wallet i am still looking for
2. cream, inhaler and benadryl as i have tons of allergies (epi pen is on me at all times as well)
3. reading glasses so i don't strain my poor eyes
4. brush, hairclips and makeup (only a light physicians formula powder and clinique mascara plus sunblock)
5. keys, blackberry and ray-bans are a daily essential
6. ipod for tunes on the go and a pocket book to keep note of all things i am sure to forget
7. the bag is my longchamp! the lightest most lovely bag and best 18th birthday present from boyfriend <3

enjoy <3


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