Monday, 22 August 2011

being proactive

missing this silly goose already. however i now have some time by myself at home before i leave for my last year of school to run errands, see family and friends and tie up loose ends. so i have made a little list of things i need to do before i go! hopefully if i write it down it will encourage me to stop being a procrastinator (one of my worst habits) and start being more proactive! 


  • pack up my room
  • sort out school fees 
  • see all my family before i leave
  • go duty-free shopping for make-up 
  • tan....a lot
  • go to dentist...which means make appointment
  • take lots of pictures of family and friends for my room away
  • go for a visit to my papa's house (will take pictures as evidence)
  • finish my book "the help"
so maybe i am sad he is gone and it is going to be a long time until we see each other but i am destined to keep myself busy so i don't think about missing him too much! 


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