Tuesday, 23 August 2011

product testing

had a little fun at the supermarket

l'oreal ever sleek shampoo and conditioner, venus razor blades, dove sensitive deodorant, palmers coco butter, playtex gentle glide
oh bathroom products, how i love thee. i get such satisfaction from going to the supermarket or drugstore and picking up a new bottle of shampoo or fresh razor blades. i also love trying new products and mixing it up sometimes. i never use the same deodorant twice, i like different smelling creams and i really love when there is a product that is on sale and you get to try it out at a discounted price (such a satisfying feeling). these are a few things i picked up this week to test out.


shampoo and conditioner: amazing smell, makes my hair silky and smooth. even though it is for frizzy hair i find it works brilliantly for straight hair. i typically like herbal essence as mentioned here, but i could be swayed to stick with this brand...even if it is a tad bit more expensive.
venus blades: i have used these before, but i switched to disposables awhile back because venus blades are a fortune ($28 CAD!!) but they are only $24 BDS so i thought it was a bit of a steal! have to say they are much better than a two blade disposable. (i bought the venus razor too! it was $8 BDS...so inexpensive)
dove deodorant: i always buy a different deodorant but recently i have been more into the solid white glide on. most all deodorants promote no white residue and blah blah blah but this one actually is decent and smells pretty all day long! success
cocoa butter: i usually use vaseline's cocoa butter cream but my sister told me to try this one from palmers and i actually like it a bit more. it has a more intense scent but i kinda like that for summer weather. i give this one a buy.
tampons: well tampons are tampons but what do we think. plastic vs. paper?? sort of a weird question but i am curious what everyone thinks? environment vs. comfort?


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