Wednesday, 24 August 2011

pizza party

dough recipe found here

kneading away


fresh toppings

all the love and patience of rolling

pepperoni, mushrooms, cheddar, goats cheese, sun dried tomato and marinara sauce

bbq sauce, brie, tomatoes, parmesan and steak

i thought i would try my hand at pizza making yesterday and throw an impromptu dinner party for my family who i haven't seen a lot of recently (very productive for me). to be honest the biggest surprise of all in the process was that pizza is really not that simple to make! or shall i rephrase not that easy to make! all the kneading and waiting for it the rise and then rolling requires a lot of patience and love. this is why i am not a baker, i just have no patience when it comes to the science of baking. on a brighter note i did it and i will certainly do it again because let's be honest, homemade always tastes better and everyone loves pizza.


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