Tuesday, 6 September 2011

back to school shopping....at 21

my stationary....amazing animal print pens (love the cheetah)

my gadget....new speakers for blasting caribbean music (so i feel at home)

in my lunch box....thanks dad such a great sending off pressie

my uniform....another pressie from dads lulu lemon leggins a winter staple in my mind
so i am back to school, settled in and unpacked finally. for a change my dad was here to drop me at school as it is my last year and we went and did a last year sendoff shop and boy did i get lucky. we got all my school supplies and more! we did a little damage at the supermarket as well so i am fully stocked with fresh fruit and veg, two packs of diet coke (obviously) and lots and lots of toilet paper. i can't believe thursday will be my last first day of school ever ( unless i do that master i am contemplating...hmmmm). such a scary thought! i have had a first day of school every year for 19 years! that's a super long time. 
anyone else preparing for the first day of school?? 


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